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Friday, August 3, 2012

Vaccine injury effectively treated by homeopathy

Contributed by Dr.George
Homeopathy has immense potential in treating children with ailments arising from bad effects of vaccination(vaccine injury). Every vaccination today gives you the particular immunity but remember the fact that vaccination also predisposes the children to many infections as the general immunity of the child is lost or decreased.
The cases that we treat usually are asthma,allergic bronchitis, generalized allergies;auto-immune diseases.

Every one would have seen that every child vaccinated has recurrent infection and hospitalized mainly with chest ailments. They are nebulised with bronchodialators like asthalin. All these can be seen especially in children below 5 yrs why? It may be  because the vaccination shots are numerous before the age of 5ys.

The other complaints that has come up is constipation . The stools are not passed on every day, or even when passed is so hard that the child cries and shrieks.These can also be considered as bad effects of vaccination.
Another controversial subject is the link between ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) and Vaccination. Some doctors have claimed that there is a direct relation between autism and MMR vaccine.
Vaccinations have been given to a child as its told to be  mandatory, but as far as my knowledge, no vaccine is compulsory in any country. Vaccinations as we all know is not 100% safe and not 100% effective. Considering the other bad side of vaccine we have discern who need to be vaccinated and who need not. If the parents feel that the child is suffering after the baby has been vaccinated its better not to vaccinate the child in the future. The decision has to be taken by the parents and not any one else.

Homeopathy can help the babies from the bad effects of vaccination and make the kid more immune and healthier. the main rubric for vaccination is given below.

synthesis-generals-vaccination, ailments after
Vaccination ,ailments ,after-Synthesis repertory

murphy-vaccinations, reactions,ailments from
Vaccinations,reactions,ailments after-Murphy's Repertory

murphy-vaccinations, reactions,ailments from page 2
Vaccinations 1-Murphy's Repertory

murphy-vaccinations, reactions,ailments from page 3
Vaccinations 2-Murphy's Repertory

murphy-vaccinations, reactions,ailments from page 4
Vaccinations 3-Murphy's Repertory

The most important remedies include that I have come across is SILICEA;THUJA;ANTIMONIUM TART; ARS ALB; SULPHUR ; MERC SOL .many remedies are given in the repertory, The murphy's repetory has a chapter for vaccination itself.
An interesting interview with a pharma employee is given here.. https://www.vaclib.org/basic/manu.htm


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  2. Vaccine safety studies do not use a true placebo. Japanese Encephalitis One of the Gold Standards in medical research is the "placebo-controlled" trial.