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Friday, October 26, 2012

The desires and aversions in Homeopathy

Contributed by Dr.George 
Desire and aversion in a case
The desire for eggs is the strongest in Calcarea. Mostly, they like them soft-boiled, that is typical for Calcarea. Pulsatilla prefers them hard-boiled. And which remedy prefers them fried ? Natrum phosphoricum. (image)

.If the patient likes only the white of an egg and not the yolk. How can we translate this into the language of the Repertory ? Delicate in eating, "I only like the white, I don't eat the yolk." "I only like the meat cut this way and not that way." "I would like to have the food prepared and set in such and such ways"  You find this at "desires delicacies" (Image)
desire, delicacies
The most important remedy is Tuberculinum, but there is also Calcarea. But do not forget that Calcarea often has an aversion to eggs. (image)
aversion, eggs
In Homoeopathy it is always so, that when they have a desire for something, they often have an aversion to it. There are pulsatilla patients who have an aversion to ice-cream(image)
desire, icecream
Phosphorus can also have aversion to icecream(not given in repertory) Natrum muriaticum has desire and aversion to salt(image).

salt, desire and aversion
You often see two extremes in the same remedy.
If the patient has an aversion to eggs, this does not mean, that he is not Calcarea.When someone can lie in the sun, this does not mean, that he can not be Lachesis - there are Lachesis patients who can bear the sun very well.

When you proceed in this way, you exclude some remedies from the beginning and you will never find the right remedy. These symptoms should only be added last to confirm the correct remedy.

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