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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A case study of Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)

Contributed by Dr.George
In every case of high cholesterol or hyperlipidemia a low cholesterol diet information has to be passed to the patient for better results in every case. The homeopathic remedy must accompany these lifestyle changes..
Here is a patient, a lady 47yrs complaining that the head feels too heavy, heaviness at the back of the head.where in the repertory can we find it?  HEAD - HEAVINESS - occiput (image).
synthesis-head, heaviness

There is a large number of remedies.The interesting thing is that she had the serum  cholesterol examined at the laboratory by herself. The laboratory report showing that she has hyperlipidemia (image)
first lab report
First lab report
. She shows the anxiety on her face and her  anxiety of the future. In the repertory you can find it as MIND - ANXIETY - future, about(image).
synthesis anxiety, future about
Anxiety future about
The other important thing she said was that she feels sleepy especially during her work as a tailor.This has been a problem for some days as the work has been pending and was unable to finish the orders.Where can we find this in the repertory? SLEEP - SLEEPINESS - work - during - agg.(image)
synthesis-sleep,sleepiness, work during
Sleepiness work during
. The appetite is good and has heartburn especially during morning hours.(image)
synthesis, stomach,heartburn
. Only a few remedies but some important ones there LYC,PHOS,NUX V,SULPH....you can see the remedies now sulph,phos,lyc,nux all in and around these symptoms. The bowels were all right. No urinary complaints. she had scanty menses in the past.she is little bit hot tempered and gets offended easily.
 With these symptoms we have a case the the repertorial result was as seen.

repertory analysis, hyperlipidemia
Repertory Analysis

The prescription was ???. The laboratory report after 2 weeks is here(image).Her heaviness of the head is gone and she feels much better..
final lab report after treatment
Fianl Lab Report
The remedy coming up were SULPH, LYC..Yes the prescription was LYC 10M.

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