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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Illegal alternate-medicine clinics have mushroomed in the Kashmir Valley

Illegal Unani and other alternate-medicine clinics have mushroomed in the Valley, putting the lives of gullible patients at risk, with state health authorities failing to curb the menace. Reports from various areas said the quacks have a free hand in absence of regulations from the health authorities.
The practice is rampant in every district with Srinagar leading the list where quacks are claiming prowess in the profession of naturopathy and alternate medicine taking patients for a ride and putting their lives to huge risk. This newspaper is in possession of prescriptions written by these self-proclaimed professionals which clearly reveal their criminal acts.
One of the prescriptions by a clinic near Rambagh here claims they have remedies for every kind of illness. But the clinic indulges in cross-practice prescribing Allopathy medicines. However, in order to play safe, the clinic operators either write the drug name in code words, like Tab U-T, Tab S-P, Inj Q-6 or give separate slips clearly prescribing allopathic medicines. “Most of the people because of their ignorance fail to judge whether the person curing them is a genuine practitioner or a quack,” a senior Unani doctor said. He said some clinics install ‘therapy machines’ and take huge money from the patients. “Some of them have not even qualified their secondary school examination and are Matric fail. But they just know how to operate different machines. They pretend to be specialists in the field and in the process cheat ignorant people,” the doctor said.

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