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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kidney stones (renal calculi) and importance of homeopathic treatment

Contributed by Dr.George
Kidney stones or Renal calculi is one of the commonest cause for pain in abdomen.It  can  also  cause infection & obstruction to  the  follow  of urine.  Stones are first formed in the kidney and then they may pass towards  the bladder. Small stones may be passed with out  giving rise  to  any  problems. But large stones
are  ones  which  cause problem.These can produce severe colicky pain and even hydronephrosis (distension and dilation of the renal pelvis and calyxes, usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urine)
A 3-4 mm stones can be passed out easily without much pain. 
These stones can occur because of high levels of either calcium, phosphate, uric acid or cystine in our urine.Kidney  stones  are more common is middle age  people  than  the elderly.
The main causes are hot weather,reduced fluid intake, heriditary, bedridden patients, uric acid errors; chronic urinary tract infection , diet rich in calcium ,uric acid etc .
Bloody urine might be the first symptom in certain cases. A urine analysis can be performed to find out any crystals present.
Homeopathy has a big range of medicines to expel or dissolve the stone and remove the tendency of the person to produce the stone. A constitutional medicine can be found out by proper interrogation(case taking). The surgical measure to remove the stone is not the correct way as this does not remove the PROCESS that is working in the body to produce the stone. Remember that there is no stone formation in the healthy person. Remove the cause and the effect will cease. The stone is the effect and not the cause.

Surgery is not advisable as the recurrence rate are great. Surgery only helps to remove the stone(effect) but the process (cause) leading to the formation of the stone cannot be removed by surgery.
Surgery is only advisable when it is a large stone especially the phosphate one which becomes a stag-horn calculus and is obstructing the flow of the urine and producing hydronephrosis. Even after removal it is better to take homeopathic medicine to prevent the recurrence.

Synthesis repertory-kidney stones

Murphy's Repertory-kidney,stones-kidney

The best remedies for acute attacks are BERB VULG and OCCIMUM CANNUM. other remedies like PHOS,CALC, SARSAPARILL,CANTHARIS,LYCOPODIUM,BENZ ACID, NIRIC ACID etc have given  good results.

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