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Monday, August 20, 2012

Homeopathy: The perfect treatment system

Contributed by Dr.George
Why the allopathic section of the profession should be so wrathful with Hahnemann is not a little surprising, because not only Hahnemann discover homoeopathy, he discovered allopathy as well. Allopathy existed before his time, just as homoeopathy did in a way, but it was unconscious of its own existence. It was Hahnemann who gave it its name; and if he is the father of homeopathy, he is at least the godfather of allopathy as well, and on that account deserves to have his name in the medical schools of both sections.
Hahnemann pointed out there were different ways of using drugs - the homoeopathic, the allopathic, and the antipathic or enantiopathic and Isopathy
 The allopathic (or heteropathic) method is that in which the drug given, being "without any pathological relation to what is naturally diseased in the body, attacks the part most exempt from the disease."When an emetic is given to relieve a cold on the chest, an action is produced different in place and kind from the condition treated, and this is allopathic.
The enantiopathic (antipathic) is the opposite of the homeopathic, and is treatment by contraries. This treatment is palliative merely. When a large dose of opium is given to overcome sleeplessness; or when an astringent is given to arrest diarrhea, or a purgative is given to remove constipation - these are examples of antipathic treatment. But many diseases, such as inflammations, for example, have no "opposites" except health, and these cannot be treated by this method, and must be treated, if at all, in one of the other two ways(homeopathic or allopathic).
The isopathy method is that in which drug is the same, as the disease. We can think of vaccination in this type of treatment. These are helpful in preventing diseses but have their bad effects of their own as it is in itself a disease.

The homoeopathic is the like-to-like method, in which a medicine is given to a sick person because it is capable of producing a similar state when given to a healthy one - similia similibus. When on the other hand, in a case of headache we give a drug like Belladonna or Glonoin (nitro-glycerine), both of which produce a variety of headaches of great intensity when taken by the healthy, then we are practicing homoeopathy.
The so called modern medicine do practice all these types of treatment especially the antipathic, allopathic and isopathic treatment, but can never be considered supreme to that of homeopathy ,as it is tested and proven with years of experience and each of the drug tested(proven) on healthy human beings and not an any other animals.
It is true that the majority of the medical profession scorn the idea of there being any rule to guide them in practice, and for this reason, we insist homoeopathy is called nothing else but "regular perfect system”.

Reference:  CLARKE J. H., Homoeopathy Explained

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