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Monday, August 27, 2012

How Homeopathy works

Contributed by Dr.George
Primary action is the action of the medicine on the living being. This is the action that is used by the allopathic system of medicine. for example a constipation is treated by drugs producing diarrhoea, a person with hypertension is treated with a medicine that lowers the blood pressure. These treatments are or can only be accepted
in the most emergency situation or as a palliative means. This is because there is a action that the living body generates that is opposite to the primary action of the medicine called the secondary action. This secondary action is more long lasting and is exactly the opposite of the primary action

This secondary action when produced by the living organism in response to a minimum,say homeopathic attenuated medicine produces not so violent action but a secondary curative action. This action is more permanent and long lasting with minimal repetition of the medicine.

So with homeopathic medicine a patient with say diabetes can go on without medicine for a prolonged time as compared to a patient on allopathic medicines.I have personally observed these  in many cases and found   it to be true.

Because of this secondary action, the allopathic doctors say, once you start a anti hypertensive drug never stop it. That means if you stop the medicine, the secondary action of the living organism, will kick in and the blood pressure would rise significantly.
On the other hand, the homeopathic medicine raises blood pressure ,but as it is in the attenuated form the rise is insignificant and not even monitored. When this is followed by the secondary curative action the blood pressure comes down.
Hence homeopathic medicines (the attenuated) are especially stopped when there seem to be a relief of the complaints and when the patient feels better.

This is what Dr.Hahnemann had said in the aphorisms 63 and 64."Every agent that acts upon the vitality, every medicine, deranges more or less the vital force, and causes a certain alteration in the health of the individual for a longer or a shorter period. This is termed primary action. Although a product of the medicinal and vital powers conjointly, it is principally due to the former power. To its action our vital force endeavors to oppose its own energy. This resistant action is a property, is indeed an automatic action of our life-preserving power, which goes by the name of secondary action or counteraction."
"During the primary action of the artificial morbific agents (medicines) on our healthy body, as seen in the following examples, our vital force seems to conduct itself merely in a passive (receptive) manners, and appears, so to say, compelled to permit the impressions of the artificial power acting from without to take place in it and thereby after its state of health; it then, however, appears to rouse itself again, as it were, and to develop (A) the exact opposite condition of health (counteraction, secondary action ) to this effect (primary action) produced upon it, if there be such an opposite, and that in as great a degree as was the effect (primary action) of the artificial morbific agent on it, and proportionate to its own energy; - or (B) if there be not in nature a state exactly the opposite of the primary action, it appears to endeavor to indifferentiate itself, that is, to make its superior power available in the extinction of the change wrought in it from without (by the medicine), in the place of which it substitutes its normal state (secondary action, curative action)."

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