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Friday, July 13, 2012

Doctor of Homeopathy degree should not practice Allopathy

Contributed by Dr.George
Courtesy: helenapopovic.com
The homeopathic treatment has certain principles which opposes the principles that of allopathy. To Practice one time allopathy and one time homeopathy is a criminal deliberate betrayal of homeopathy.

This is stated in the aphorism 52 of sixth edition of ORGANON OF MEDICINE- Samuel Hahnemann mesothelioma, online college

§ 52 Sixth Edition
There are but two principle methods of cure: the one based only on accurate observation of nature,on careful experimentation and pure experience, the homoeopathic (before we never designedly used) and a second which does not do this, the heteropathic or allopathic. Each opposes the other, and only he who does not know either can hold the delusion that
they can ever approach each other or even become united, or to make himself so ridiculous as to practice at one time homoeopathically at another allopathically, according to the pleasure of the patient; a practice which may be called criminal treason against divine homoeopathy.

Just for the sake of Homeopathy, practice pure homeopathy. If you fail to treat and cure your patient , this is not the failure of Homeopathy but the failure of the doctor himself. Homeopathy has its scope of treatment and other systems have theirs.

If at all you wish allopathy treatment or any other alernative medical treatments you can refer the patient to a allopathic but never treat your patient by yourself after being a HOMEOPATH.
Doctor of Homeopathy degree should not practice allopathy

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  1. It is sad to hear. I request those dignified and dedicated homeopathic
    doctors not to follow such traps which may be easy to show a sudden
    relief or change to the patient, who are totally ignorant about the
    after effects and complications out of it. All over the world
    suffering people are running away from allopathic treatments and
    alternative treatments are gaining momentum. So achieving your
    competence to become the capable doctor to cure your patient with
    homeopathy alone which needs hard work, talent and dedication to
    homeopathy, is the need of the hour for the sake of healthy existence
    of humanity. In fever cases never suppress fever, which is the most
    dangerous thing and most of the complications come out of it. Today
    all over the world medical community is exploiting fever patients due
    to their ignorance by suppressing fever,

    I request different homeopathic associations to arrange more national,
    state and district wise seminars and study classes to educate and make
    our fellow doctors competent to meet the challenges. I also request
    experienced senior doctors to dedicate and share some of their time in
    educating the new generation.

    I request the new generation homeopathic doctors to seek help and
    guidance from the experienced homeopathic doctors known to you during
    the struggling times to develop your capabilities.

    I myself express my willingness to share and help whomever feel that I
    may be of help to them to approach me with your queries. My e-mail ID

    I am saying all these once you start making your livelihood by wrong
    means, there may not be any reversal of it or you may not have time
    and interest to learn the right thing.

  2. Well said Dr. Shaji V Kudiyath.


  3. Dr.Hahnemann rightly said but no one following him.Some of our elected member are involve in this system of medicine.They all are support homoeoapathic doctor to practice allopathy in the name of poor and rural area people.No homeopathic educated doctor is that much intellect to practice pure homoeopathy. They all want the easy money to full fill their demand. Homeopathy needs ethics,principled and wised minded physician.

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