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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Rubric Fastidious in Homeopathic Repertory

Contributed by Dr.George
Many of you might have seen people who want everything in neat clean and order and very difficult to please.The rubric for this in repertory is Mind-Fastidious
Fastidious means not easy to please; oversensitive so as to be easily disgusted.In dictionary its  giving careful attention to detail; hard to please; excessively concerned with cleanliness. There are many homeopathy remedies that are fastidious.
There are some important remedies and these has to be differentiated.
The desire to be perfect in Carcinosinum is because he wants to please his parents, his partner and so on.Carcinosin is  three mark remedy for it.

This is totally different in Arsenicum album. Arsenicum  has the love of order like Carcinosinum but for another reason. Arsenicum is insecure and his want for security makes him fastidious. When everything is in order he knows beforehand what is going to happen. That is why Arsenicum is very orderly, tidy, neat.
Nux vomica is fastidious too, but in Nux vomica there are no feelings involved. He does not want to please the other person. He wants to be perfect, because of his ambition. He wants to be the best. He is a hard person, more hard than Carcinosinum, who is usually not a hard person.

 Pulsatilla is fastidious . Pulsatilla wants a lot of their partners. The symptom "fastidious" addition "Pulsatilla" comes from Gallavardin. In his book he noticed that Pulsatilla is difficult for their partners. They have a forsaken feeling, they want to be loved, cared for, and in this tiny little symptom they are very fastidious. Pulsatilla has a three mark for the symptom.The context of the case is really important.
Silicea is also in the rubric "fastidious". But in Silicea it is the love of detail, but without being very difficult for others. Silicea has "yielding disposition". If you ask for their opinion they will tell you their opinion, they have a very strong opinion about everything, but if you discuss with them, they will submit. They will say, "OK, you have another opinion, it is very valuable, I'm sorry." But inside they will continue their own ideas. They maybe even stubborn, obstinate, and they will continue their way of thinking, but they will submit. They will be like Pulsatilla. Silicea is a chronic Pulsatilla. There is something about those two remedies. They are complimentary.

There is Kali carb who is fastidious perfectionist lets nothing stand between him and success. Its because of the systematic, proper, routine-oriented personality.
Also Platina is fastidious. They are very demanding. They don't take into account the feeling of the other person. In fact they are very certain, the way they think is the best. They are haughty.

The natrum mur people become very fastidious - words and actions have to be just right. This is not born out of restless anxiety, as it is in the Arsenicum personality, This is rather precision in the placing and ordering of concepts, emotions and time. They are very punctilious. They even walk precisely, tending to walk heel first, with little springiness in their step. Events must occur at the correct time and in the right order.

In Thuja the mind rules the emotions to such an extent that everything must be done in a particular order. They become fastidious and quite proper. They may become opinionated, dogmatic and moralistic. As they get older, Thuja patients have obsessive thoughts and fixed ideas. 


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