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Sunday, September 9, 2012

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and homeopathic treatment

Contributed by Dr.George
In Whom?
Infections may be symptomatic or asymptomatic. These infections occur in 1 to 3 percent of schoolgirls and then increase markedly in incidence with the onset of sexual activity in adolescence. The vast majority of acute symptomatic infections involve young women. Acute symptomatic urinary infections are unusual in men under the age of 50.
The organs involved
The urinary tract should be viewed as a single anatomic unit that is united by a continuous column of urine extending from the urethra to the kidney.
In the vast majority of urinary tract infections, bacteria gain access to the bladder via the urethra. Ascent of bacteria from the bladder may follow and is probably the pathway for most renal  infections.
The female urethra appears to be particularly prone to colonization with colonic bacteria because of its proximity to the anus, its short length (about 4 cm), and its termination beneath the labia. Sexual intercourse causes the introduction of bacteria into the bladder and is temporally associated with the onset of cystitis(inflammation of the bladder); it thus appears to be important in the pathogenesis of urinary infections in younger women.
In addition, use of a diaphragm and/or a spermicide dramatically alters the normal introital bacterial flora and has been associated with marked increases in vaginal colonization with E. coli (bacteria)and in the risk of urinary infection. In males, prostatitis and urethral obstruction due to prostatic hypertrophy are important factors predisposing to bacteriuria.

Voiding after intercourse has been shown to reduce the risk of cystitis, probably because it promotes the clearance of bacteria introduced during intercourse.
Avoiding the use of a diaphragm and/or a spermicidal creams.
Do drink plenty of water to make the urine flow freely and more dilute.

Homeopathy considers the urethritis (UTI) as an important disease and a disease seated at the periphery and a route of elimination of the internal disease. The modern medicine prescribes antibiotics that can do more harm than good. These medicines suppress the condition and these may result in vast number of much more serious diseases. The UTI is considered to be a sycotic miasm and if the UTI is suppressed these can bring on other conditions related to the sycotic miasm. These can include rheumatic ailments, appendicitis, heart diseases, uterine and ovarian complaints etc.  So never ever try to suppress a UTI.
murphy's repertpry,Bladder, urethritis, inflammation
Synthesis, urethra, inflammation
The most important medicine include cantharis, staphysagria,sarsaparilla,cannabis sativa,pulsatilla,merc sol,clematis,equisetum, sepia.

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