Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Leucorrhoea in children(little girls) and its homeopathic cure.

Contributed by Dr. George
Leucorrhoea or leukorrhea is discharge of white mucous material from the vagina; often an indication of infection.It is also commonly known as whites.The term "physiologic leukorrhea" is used to refer to leukorrhea due to estrogen stimulation.These are usually seen in young and the old but little girls do have this problem and careful interrogation of mother can reveal this symptom.Homeopathy comes handy here, and with proper medicine selection the case can be restored to normal health. The leucorrhoea diminishes and stops. The child regains health.

leucorrhoea, children


This symptom can be seen in the repertory and many remedies are listed.Good results with MERCURIUS SOL; PULSATILLA; SEPIA; and CALCAREA CARB. the selection is based on the totality of symptoms and careful interrogation of the case. A minimum dose single remedy can cure the case in less than 2 weeks time.


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