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Monday, September 2, 2013

50 new Homoeopathic dispensaries sanctioned in kerala

Health and family welfare department have sanctioned the opening of 50 New homeopathic dispensaries in Kerala. (municipalities/panchayaths). G.O.(MS) N0. 373/2013/H&FWD
The concerned local bodies will provide the basic infrastructure. The chef minister Shri. Oomen Chandi had earlier briefed the approval in the cabinet meeting couple of days back.
The GO has been given below mentioning the name of the dispensaries
The government is also pleased to provide sanction in 200 post which includes 4 post in each dispensary(1 medical officer, 1 pharmacist, one attender, and 1 part time sweeper)
This order has helped all the candidates present in the main List of PSC to get a government job.Some of the candidates from the supplementary list also gets a chance by this order.
Currently there are 30 MEDICAL Hospital Superintendent ,126 Chief Medical Officer ;453 Medical Officer; 2 Paramedical Nursing Superintendent;98 Nurse; 466 Pharmacist ;14 Lab Technician; 14 Lab Attender ;84 Others Nursing Assistant;339Attender in the government sector

  • Now there are 611 dispensaries, 13 district hospitals and 17 taluk hospitals in the state.
  • 325 Homoeopathic dispensaries were started under NRHM Scheme.
  • 29 SCP Dispensaries in Scheduled caste Dominant areas
  • A separate Directorate of Homoeopathy was formed in 1973 first time in India.
  • Now we have a deputy director and 14 DMO (Homoeo).
  • There are 13 dispensaries and one hospital under the E.S.I. scheme.
  • Two municipalities and two corporations in the State are having their own Homoeopathic dispensaries. 
Government Order: here


  1. What are the present conditions of homeopathic dispensaries in two corporations and two municipalities.?what are their contributions? what were public benefits distributed to poor patients through these urban dispensaries? why is neglecting the poor urban patients?

  2. kollam corporation is doing a commendable job by funding medicines for the five govt dispensaries as well as running its own clinic.corporation clinic ,mulangadakom is conducting regular clinic as well as camps.on an average,we conduct around 40 camps every year.60 to 70 patients are visiting the opd daily .in this clinic there is no descrimination of poor or rich urban patients,as the service given is totally free

    1. Great job Dr Shyamkumar R. There should never be a discrimination of poor or rich urban patients. Keep the spirit going...
      Good to hear that this is happening in kollam...