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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prescribing on Mental Symptoms in Homeopathy

prescribing, mental symptoms
This is taken from -Homeopathic Practice-by Alfons Guekens_
Often it is very difficult to differentiate the mental, only the mental symptoms, for example, to differentiate Pulsatilla from Calcarea on the mental level, lets say fear of becoming insane, only on the basis of mental symptoms, on the basis of thoughts, the kind of fear, how the fear is expressed and things like that. It is very difficult and very dangerous, to differentiate only on the mental level, as often happens in America... You know that George Vithoulkas published his essences - I warn you ... He is my teacher and he showed me the way. I admire him very much. I would not talk against him. He has published the essences, but the pictures are too narrow. You can not give a single description of one remedy, one remedy has many aspects. When we will talk about Phosphorus later - you know the picture that Vithoulkas gives of Phosphorus ? Nice, open, full of love, a positive picture. I will show you a very annoying woman and I am sure you will say she is Nux vomica, but it is a clear, beautiful Phosphorus case. That is what I mean. I warn you, to prescribe only on the basis of mental symptoms. A mental picture, and it does not matter who has written it, will always be too narrow; a remedy is much larger than a picture.

I made many mistakes, for a long time I had only prescribed Sepia for a woman and always again Sepia, because she was so indifferent towards her husband.Aversion to sex, irritated before menstruation and so on. Later I could box my ears, blockhead !Only when she developed a Meniere's disease /I saw,"Indifference to loved ones" (image)
synthesis-indifference-loved ones
, Phosphorus is there.
Then I understood this complete indifferent Phosphorus picture. There are different situations,according to the case. Be careful to believe, when someone is not so open or not so soft, that it can not be Phosphorus. Be careful !The Americans do not have time anymore in their life. They love the money and so on, they want to learn Homoeopathy within 2 minutes. They say, "All right, George will explain us.Homoeopathy, also about computer-systems. Well, George is sitting next to us and we will find the remedy immediately." That is the way that Americans react.They try to make a lot of money in less time, but without doing anything. Now, they come back and are disappointed about Vithoulkas. Why ? They say, "We have followed the essences, for example, the essence of Calcarea with his anxieties, the fear of what other people think about them and so on. Vithoulkas has given the essence of China, of Mercurius, of Phosphorus, but the essences are influenced. Let's have a look at the essence of Phosphorus: it is positive. The essence of Lycopodium is negative. The essence of Nux vomica is also negative, while the essence of Natrum muriaticum is positive. He has given personal values to the remedies, two negative remedies, two positive remedies. We may not judge. It is not allowed to say, "This is a good remedy, that is a bad remedy." There are no good remedies and no bad remedies. Whatever disease a patient may have, when you find the right remedy you will love him.
That is the reason why they say in America that this system does not work. But the system works ! Do not act as little children and believe that ONE mental picture corresponds to one remedy, use your head ! When you have a patient with these mental symptoms, you know immediately which remedy it concerns. All right !
But the remedy has other sides that gives a completely different aspect. Therefore I say that you have to be careful in prescribing a remedy only on the basis of a mental picture. Look for a key-note, look for a mental symptom that you can grasp, on which you can rely. I can not only support on energy, I need something material, otherwise it will go wrong. Try to find a strong physical symptom, a strong desire, or another kind of pain; and then, if you find an appropriate mental picture - all right, then you can give the remedy.

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  1. I am working with deeply handicaped adults staying in an institution. It is true one can not rely only on mental symptoms . Most of the time, I need physical to succede. Like I had a beautiful case of mercurius who tried to strangulate his family members . There was very few mental signs and and I relied on indented tongue and chronic rhinitis with very bad smell to prescribe. When it come to Hyosciamus or Strammonium, it is more on the mental that I prescribe. But most of the others need a complete overview of the case. I had also a case of a 35years adult with mute problem since a death in the family. Completely introspective, very slow, ritualistic to the extremes, playing with stool , taking hours to eat and wash himself and in 2 months time, very much better and talking again eventhough he has Down's syndrome. ( Causticum ) A veyr beautiful case of Phosphorus but with difficult mental signs who became better with physical signs only ( frequent hematoma , ...)

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