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Friday, October 12, 2012

Aethusa cynapium and some rubrics in homeopathy

Contributed by Dr.George
Aethusa is prepared from a very common weed of Europe known as the Fools Parsley.It is a great friend of the children as it helps us to cure many of their ailments.It is a great homeopathic remedy for children.
It has a very important place amongst the remedies we use to check vomiting of milk in infants-vomiting in infants.This intolerance of milk is due to a peculiar gastric irritation frequently met with in children during dentition(image)
stomach, vomitingm dentition during
Infant vomiting as soon as he/she drinks its milk, up it comes with great gush and in big quantity. If the milk is kept down for a little while it is vomited out in the form of big, thick, greenish curds.(image)
stomach, vomiting, type of, milk, curdled

stomach, vomiting,type of, green

It thus resembles Ant. crud., Nat. mur., Silicea, Sulphur and Valeriana;(image) but the utter prostration, great sleepiness, the peculiar anxious, pain-stricken, drawn look of AEthusa can easily be read even a beginner.
These children are too weak to stand and even when held up, they cannot hold the head because of weakness as in Abrotanum.(image)
head, hold up, unable to hold, weakness from

After the exertion of vomiting, the child falls into a sort of helpless slumber-sleepiness from which it wakes up, crying with violent hunger, to drink milk and to vomit again.Very often this is complicated with diarrhoea of a light yellow bilious colour(image).(breastfed baby diarrhea)
stool, yellow
AEthusa is equally great in treatment of convulsions in which the thumbs are clenched and the eyes are turned downward.(image)(image)
eye,turned downward, convulsions during

murphy's,clinical, epilepsy. thumbs clenched

The appearance of the patient is very striking.His eyes look sunken with a peculiar pearly whiteness of all that portion of the face bounded by the upper lip and two distinct lines drawn from two orifices of the nose to the angles of the mouth.This is called Linea nasalis.This is more characteristic of AEthusa than any other remedy .See the rubric below
face, linea nasalis
Dr. Clarke recommends it highly in patients suffering from want of the power of concentration.

He mentions of a young undergraduate in whom with Aethusa he helped to bring back his long-lost power of concentration.boericke also mentions in in weakness of memory .memory key
 AEthusa is wanting in thirst like Pulsatilla and Apis(image)

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