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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homeopathic remedies for children

homeopathic,remedies for childrenEXTREMITIES, Walk late leaning to:(page) extrimities,walk,late learning to Agar, bar-c, lyc, Calc, Calc-p, Caust, Nat-m, nux-v, phos,sanic, sil, sulph
Agaricus because of neurological, twitching problems. Baryta carbonica because of the combination of not knowing how, not understanding and weakness.Calcarea carbonica because of weakness. Calcarea phosphorica also. Causticum because of neurological problems. Don't forget Causticum in children with fear of animals! Further Natrum muriaticum who are late in learning to walk because they don't know how to walk.Nux vomica because of spasms.Silicea also because of weakness.Every remedy has its own reasons why it is late in learning to walk. Calcarea carbonica, Silicea and Calcarea phosphorica are remedies related to the bones, to make the bones stronger.
Calcarea phosphorica is a very interesting remedy for children. Usually they have red hair. These are very difficult children, very discontented. This is expressed in the rubric MIND, Wander, desires to: Calc-p ...(page)
mind,wandering,desire to
They cannot play a long time with the same toy, they always want something else. Calcarea phosphorica has the desire to travel like Tuberculinum, but the difference between these remedies is that Tuberculinum is happy as long as he's traveling. Tuberculinum goes to Rome, he's happy, then he goes to Venice and there he is happy too and so on. Calcarea phosphorica goes to Rome, but he doesn't feel well there, he is discontented and therefore he has to go somewhere else. Tuberculinum is a contented and hopeful remedy, and precisely here is the differential diagnostic point. Calcarea phosphorica needs constantly something else, they are not happy when they are in Lourdes for three days.
You find Calcarea phosphorica also in the rubric : MIND, Dullness: children in... Calc-p ..(page)
mind,dullness,children in
.It might happen that these children are sitting immovable and doing nothing when you put them somewhere.
You may misinterpret this and prescribe Baryta carbonica Baryta carbonica also learns to walk late and if you put them somewhere they also sit immovable, but the difference with Calcarea phosphorica is that Calcarea phosphorica are very obstinate and Baryta carbonica are not. If Calcarea phosphorica wants something they cry and cry and you can't calm them down. Especially during dentition they are very obstinate and cry a lot.The differential diagnosis with Baryta carbonica is not so difficult, because Baryta carbonica children are backward in their development, also on the mental level.The differential diagnosis with Calcarea carbonica on the contrary is not so easy, because Calcarea carbonica are also obstinate.

MIND, Obstinate, children, in: Calc ;But usually these are blond children, 90% blond, while Calcarea phosphorica children have a red tint in their hair which makes you think of Phosphorus. This patient was not only late in walking, but also late in talking. You find this in the rubric on (page)

MIND - TALKING - slow learning to talk : Agar, bar-c, calc-p, Nat-m, nux-m, sanic .Calcarea carbonica is not in this rubric, Calcarea children are clever children.
mnd,talking,slow learning to talk
Ref: Homeopathic practice-Alfons Guekens

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