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Monday, October 8, 2012

Skin, ointments and Homeopathy

Contributed by Dr.George
skin ointments homeopathy
In homeopathy, skin diseases are considered as a internal disease and these require an internal medicine for its cure. The so called modern medicines do not consider this and they treat this as a local disease and suppress them with external applications and ointments. IS THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT CORRECT?
In the first look this seems to be correct as it gives you immediate relief, but actually it results in driving the skin disease internally into a more important organ of the body. THE LEAST IMPORTANT ORGAN OF OUR BODY IS THE SKIN. The body always tries to bring the disease to a least important organ of the body. Let me explain this.
In nature too we can see this or Let’s take a country.A country always tries to clear the central problems and then turn attention to the state problems.The damage to the center is always cleared before looking into the problems of the state.
Let me say another example if a burglar attacks you, wouldn’t you give him what you have got in turn for your life. Yes indeed. Everyone tries to preserve the most important of the lot. The body also does the same. The living body always tries to bring on disease to a local part, say the skin, in turn for the disease in a more important organ.
The child may have eczema, a skin disease instead of a asthmatic attack. The living body can do that. It can show the symptom on another plane(organ). YES, imagine this is real. When you try to remove the skin problem by ointments, these are gone!, where? Yes to the lungs or some other internal organs. The eczema is the external manifestation of the more important disease (say here the asthma).
NEVER EVER TRY TO REMOVE THE SKIN DISEASE BY OINTMENTS. The so called diseases that have crippled mankind are always a product of suppressed minor diseases.
Recently, I had a patient who just came to me and asked for checking the blood pressure and said “I was in the ICU for the last two weeks due to kidney failure”. I asked the reason and he said that, he had a peculiar rare infection (inflammation) of the kidney (nephritis) and his body was swollen with edema. The doctor’s were unable to identify the cause of the disease. But with little bit of luck (as the doctor said) he was able to overcome the disease.
So what was the luck? (that the doctor didn't know) I just interrogated, that was the return of the skin disease, which he had suppressed by a powerful ointment a month ago. This skin eruption was there on his leg for the last few years.
These are some of the symptoms in synthesis repertory.

MIND - DESPAIR - itching of the skin, from - suppressed
MIND - INSANITY - eruptions; after suppressed
MIND - MANIA - eruptions; after suppressed
MIND - SADNESS - eruptions - suppressed eruptions; with
MIND - SADNESS - itching, from - suppressed
VERTIGO - ERUPTIONS - suppressed
HEAD - INFLAMMATION - Brain - eruptions; after suppressed
HEAD - PAIN - eruptions; suppressed
EYE - AMBLYOPIA - eruptions; after suppressed
VISION - DIM - perspiration - suppressed perspiration of feet; after
VISION - DIM - eruptions; after suppressed
HEARING - IMPAIRED - eruptions; after suppressed
HEARING - IMPAIRED - eczema; after a suppressed
FACE - PARALYSIS - eruptions in face; from suppressed
THROAT - INFLAMMATION - Pharynx - perspiration of feet; after suppressed
STOMACH - VOMITING - urticaria - suppression of; from
THROAT - ULCERS - eruptions; after suppressed
RECTUM - CONSTIPATION - eruptions; after suppressed
MALE GENITALIA/SEX - HYDROCELE - eruptions; after suppressed
RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT - eruptions - suppressed eruptions; after
RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - rash; after suppression of acute
RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - erysipelas; from suppressed
RESPIRATION - ASTHMATIC - eczema; after suppressed
RESPIRATION - ARRESTED - eruptions; suppressed
COUGH - ITCH; after suppressed
EXTREMITIES - LAMENESS - perspiration - suppressed perspiration; from
CHEST - PALPITATION of heart - perspiration - foot; after suppressed perspiration of
CHEST - PALPITATION of heart - eruptions; after suppressed
EXTREMITIES - PARALYSIS - Upper limbs - eruptions; after suppressed
EXTREMITIES - PAIN - Knees - eruptions; after suppressed
EXTREMITIES - PAIN - rheumatic - eruptions; after acute - suppressed
GENERALS - CHOREA - eruptions; after suppressed
GENERALS - CONVULSIONS - perspiration - suppressed perspiration; from
GENERALS - CONVULSIONS - epileptic - eruptions; after suppressed

There are many more cases to illustrate.(suppressed skin disease causing heart problems, gastric ulcers, rheumatic problems and even insanity in one case.). So dear friends , say goodbye to ointments, which can cripple your healthy long life . 
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  1. Thanks for sharing benefical infrormation. Today homeopathic skin treatment is best technique for skin. I think there are not any side effect of homeopathic treatment.