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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Homeopathic Eczema treatment and importance of correct remedy

Contributed by Dr.George
Here a is a case pointing to the importance of the correct remedy in curing a case of eczema.Eczema is used to describe dermatitis and these are allergies and not infection of the skin. The girl child 3yrs of age has a eczema on her right ankle as seen on the photograph. On case taking they revealed that the problem had started about 2yrs back and was treated by ayurvedic medicine and when it aggravated they turned on to the Allopathic mode of treatment,both of which had a lot of external application and finally they were able to remove (suppress) the eczema. It had recurred 2-3 times and they applied the same ointment that was given earlier and this process continued

Now she has eczema on the same foot again.these were the rubrics
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - suppurating
STOMACH - THIRST - night - midnight - after
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - fruit - desire
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - eggs - desire
SKIN - ERUPTIONS - eczema.
Seeing her obstinate character I prescribed CALCAREA CARB 200 as a single dose. What happens...Yes a severe aggravation.(the same aggravated stage was present during ayurvedic treatment). Interesting, might be the correct remedy but a little higher dose? waited for another ten days , no marked changes, aggravation still persisted.
eczema image 1

Now I could see the anxiety on the father's face.. He began to talk about other treatment options, but still believed that homeopathy could solve this case as he had the relapsing experience with the allopathic medications.
So I thought of the second remedy..what could it be? suppuration present..a complimentary of CALC? yes then went for that...MERC SOL 200 a dose was given dissolved in water...what happened next..NOTHING..no change noticed? Now no change what to do next. The father of the child called me almost every day due to his anxiety and they waited..I too waited..now its almost one month from the the first prescription of CALC.

I closely repertorised again..YES there is the remedy..!I knew its going to work..But I failed to take the photograph of the aggravated state( no photograph-the aggravated stage was so bad and it covered the entire area with large ulceration).
I prescribed the remedy to be dissolved in 50ml water and   a spoonful to be taken at night and a spoonful next day morning..This remedy was in LM potency. After this remedy the suppuration went away and the eruption began to heal in 3-4 days. marked improvement was show by the end of the week.After 2weeks the photograph shows the healing process.

The latest image almost 1 month after show almost completely healed eruption.

eczema image 3

A wonderful case showing that, when the correct remedy was selected ,cure will follow. NOW The big question !!! what was the remedy..YES it was...LYC 0/3

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