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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two year old kid falls ill after being vaccinated

A two month old kid fell ill in Ghatampur area(KANPUR) after he was given DPT vaccine by a health worker here on Wednesday. The doctors at Ghatampur CHS referred the kid to LLR hospital after seeing the seriousness of the case.  
 Also, all the vaccines have been sealed in the CHC, which are being administered to kids under ongoing Intensive Routine immunization (IRI) drive.

Ayush (two months old) kid started reacting weirdly after getting DTP vaccine by health worker Suma Srivastava in his home on Wednesday. Bablu, father of the kid informed that after uncommon symptoms and vomit, he took him to nearby Ghatamnpur CHS where the doctors after giving initial level treatment referred him to LLR hospital. 

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