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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr Nisanth Nambison for seminar in Japan

Dr Nisanth Nambison, professor in Government Homeopathy Medical College has been selected by the Central government to participate in the international seminar on homeopathy in Japan from September 14 to 17.
The professor’s name had earlier been recommended by the state government for his path-breaking research in respiratory diseases.
Growing incidence of respiratory diseases, including asthma and allergies of various types have emerged as a major health challenge in recent times. These diseases have been associated by experts with the rising level of pollution in the cities. High level research to tackle such diseases is being done across the world.
The research conducted by Dr Nisanth has opened the possibility of treating allergy-related respiratory diseases.
The seminar will be held in Nara, a city on the eastern coast of Japan. It is being organised jointly by the International Homeopathy Medical League and the Japanese Physician Society for Homeopathy. His participation in the seminar will be sponsored by the Central government.

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