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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Impetigo and its Homeopathic treatment

Impetigo is a superficial infection of the skin caused by bacteria . This condition is seen most often in young children, tends to occur during the warmer months.Minor trauma,such as a scratch or an insect bite, may first help the entry of the organisms. Impetigo is best prevented, therefore, by attention to adequate hygiene.
The usual sites of involvement are the face (particularly around the nose and mouth) and the legs, although these may occur at other location. impetigo begins as red papular (raised)eruptions which changes quickly into vesicular (fluid collected)and then pustular(pus collected) eruption that break down and combine to a  characteristic honeycomb-like crust.These are generally are not painful, and patients do not appear ill.
Fever is not a feature of impetigo and, if present, suggests either infection extending to deeper tissues or another diagnosis.
Homeopathy manages these cases quite well. As it evolves quickly there is no time to waste and the correct remedy has to be found out by careful interrogation. As with any other skin disease, homeopathy considers it to be the disease from within. NEVER TRY TO SUPPRESS THIS BY EXTERNAL OINTMENTS.



The most important remedies that gave best results are MERC SOL; HEPAR SULPH,ARS ALB; RHUST TOX;PHOSPHORUS; CALCAREA and GRAPHITIES, LYCOPODIUM,MEZEREUM. The potency and dosage has to be decided by the consulting physician.

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