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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Asthma and its treatment in homeopathy

Every child might have experienced this type of complaints especially during infancy. These can also continue to teens and even establish to complete asthma. The child becomes short of breath with noisy respiration and rattling chest. There is much collection of mucus in the chest. The child has the hurried respiration, we can see the throat pit deepening.
Much of the cause lies in the circumstances in which the child lives, the allergic – environment and food factors, hereditary factors-family history of allergy or asthma. The other important cause that has been noted is the vaccination(debatable-contraversial). These vaccinations usually predisposes the child to recurrent chest infections. If the child after vaccination shows complaints during the next few weeks , its better to avoid them later.
The history of suppressed urinary infection in the family or the child(homeopathic concept) could be also the cause. These things has to be carefully interrogated.

           Homeopathy can treat both the acute and the chronic variety with more success than any other system practiced today. For the acute manifestations the best remedy include ANT TART, IPECAC; HEPAR SULPH, KALI SULPH, ARS ALB(with caution). These can also be managed by SENEGA,BLATTA,LOBELIA AND GRIDELIA tinctures. For the chronic cases MEDORRHINUM; TUBERCULINUM; LYCOPODIUM; PHOSPHORUS; ARS ALB; CALCAREA; SILICEA; SULPHUR; KALI SULPH; NAT SULPH AND PULSATIILA and never forget the great remedy THUJA which have given best results.

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