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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Kidney stones (renal calculi) and their breakers in homoeopathy

Contributed by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque Kerala, India.

Kidney stones (renal calculi) and their breakers in homoeopathy

1. Acid benz: Strong smelling urine; Uric acid stones; Gout.
2. Apis mel: Stinging and burning urine; Last drop burn and smart; edema.
3. Belladonna: Sudden onset of urinary colic; Throbbing pain; Jar aggravates.
4. Berberis v: Urolithiasis with gout, rheumatism; Left sided calculi; Bright red mealy sediment; Radiating pains; no pain while urinating.

5. Calc carb: White mealy sediment; Renal colic; Calcium stones.
6. Calc renalis phos: Medicine from renal calculi; specific remedy.
7. Cantharis: Burning before during and after urination; Fearful tenesmus; Renal colic with bloody urine.
8. Coccus cacti: Stones with lancinating pain from kidney to bladder; dysuria.
9. Colocynth: Renal colic > bending double; whole abdomen painful during urination; crystals stick to vessels.
10. Disocorea: Renal colic with pain in extremities; Pain < bending double, > standing erect.
11. Epigea rep: Uric acid stone; Dysuria with tenesmes after urination; Brown sand in urine.
12. Fabiana: Uric acid stones; Tenesmus and burning after urination.
13. Hydrangia: White amorphous salts in urine; Renal colic with bloody urine; Sharp pain in left loin; Urine hard to start.
14. Lithium carb: Right renal and ureteric stones; Turbid urine with sandy deposits.
15. Lithospermum: Stone impacted in the ureters.
16. Lycopodium: Back pain> by urination; Right sided stones; Red sand in urine.
17. Mag phos: Spasmodic pain due to impacted stone; Pain> rubbing, warmth, pressure.
18. Medorrhinum: Renal stones with painful tenesmus; slow urination; h/o gonorrhea.
19. Nitric acid: Bloody urine; Strong smelling like horse’s urine; splinter like pain.
20. Nux vom: Renal colic extending to genitals; Left sided stones; Frequent urge.
21. Ocimum can: Right sided renal colic; Pain in ureters; Urine has odor of musk; Red sand in urine.
22. Oxalic acid: Oxalates in urine; Must urinate when thinking of it; Frequent and copious urine with burning pain.
23. Pareira brava: Urine stones with balder and prostate troubles; Pain going down thing during urination; Bloody urine with straining; Urine comes only when kneeling and press head firmly against floor.
24. Pyrogen: Stone with urinary infection and high fever.
25. Sarsaparilla: Right sided renal colic downwards; Scanty bloody urine; Pain at conclusion of urination; Thin feeble stream.
26. Senecio aureus: Renal colic with high colored bloody urine; Great straining and urging.
27. Sepia: Red adhesive sand in urine; Even patient feels the urine offensive; Infection stones.
28. Silicea: Bloody or involuntary with red or yellow sediment; Nocturnal enuresis.
29. Solidago: Sediment in urine with scanty flow; Offensive urine; As a substitute for catheter.
30. Staphysagria: Pain after lithotomy.
31. Stigmata maydis: Renal stones with enlarged prostate and cystitis; urinary retention.
32. Tabacum: Left sided renal colic along ureter.
33. Thlaspi bursa: Phosphatic urine; Renal colic with brick dust sediment; Spasmodic retention; Chronic cystitis; As a substitute for catheter.
34. Urtica urens: Favours elimination of gout and urinc acid stones.
35. Uva ursi: Calculi with cystitis and bloody urine; Infection stones.
36. Vesicaria: Specific for renal stones and infection.

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