Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A case of renal calculi

Contributed by Dr.George
This is a case of lady aged 26 yrs and a mother of a child. The patient had occasional vague abdominal pain especially on the right flank,since 6months . The USG had relieved a 5mm calculi in the right kidney.See the report.
USG beforeThe patient had only occasional pain and was not so severe. She also complained of headache which was due to sinusitis .These were always accompanied by nasal cattarh.The patient always had changeable moods and consolation always aggravated her mental state.She was in office and doing clerical work and was always lacking self confidence. The rubrics selected were

1.NOSE - CATARRH - followed by - Frontal sinuses; complaints of
2.MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence

Other symptoms included
MIND - MOOD - changeable

The repertorial result was LYC lycopodioum 200 and was given three times during the course of six months.During this period there was no abdominal pain and the headache and sinus problem also improved. As the pain was gone they didn't take a USG. But later there was abdominal discomfort and a USG was taken and this revealed that the calculi was no more! The LYC 200 was also accompanied by berb v Q on most of the days.. 
USG after


  1. so who is the villain LYCOPODIUM OR BERBERIS??????

  2. Berberis Q did help the patient to relieve the pain and probably helped to flush the stone. Lycopodium is a deeper acting remedy and would help to avoid the recurrence of that again.
    You should also understand that Berberis Q was not given continuously for 6 months
    There has been cases where the potency itself has removed the stones too..