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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

RadarOpus 1.43 released

RadarOpus 1.43 released
The RadarOpus team has  released of RadarOpus 1.43 (including features of 1.42) that has begun this first week of July 2016. This new version brings you our constant work for improvements since September 2015 (version 1.41). 
Here are some of the new features:
A totally new and more modern look Bönninghausen's Therapeutic Pocket book in Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish, allowing Polar symptom analysis in these languages (already available in English and German) 
In the patient file, better management of mail and billing functions 
Test version exporting a patient file to Clificol, the long awaited online database of clinical cases 
RadarOpus Mini engine (for those needing a simpler, more basic software engine) 
Backup and restore running up to 30 times faster 
Copy - paste functions enhanced with more than a dozen improvements 
Menus and messages now also available in Romanian 
RadarOpus 1.43 comes with 48 new books, many for free. 

Here are some highlights: 
Dimitriadis' annotated second Edition of Bönninghausen's Repertory - TBR2 
Core Synthesis 2016, featuring 149 remedies, an ideal entry point for students 
New Materia Medica by Tarkas & Kulkarni (India) 2 more books complete the set of 7 books by Degroote (Belgium) 
A package of 9 more provings by CCRH (India) 
The popular Children's Remedies book by Farokh Master (India) 
The Chinese translation of Boericke's repertory 
A new package of 9 Portuguese books Trivedi's (England) bundle on sexual health (Repertory and MM) 

You can find more detailed information in the combined 1.42 - 1.43 What's New document, at the bottom of the RadarOpus 1.43 version webpage. Also, read all about our release procedure to understand when you will receive your Live Update

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