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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Homeopathy-A blessing for the people, a threat for the Critics.

Homeopathy has come  a long way and has flourished all around the world. Homeopathic medicines have made billions in sales and is the fastest growing health industry. This has created a big raw among other pharmaceutical giants and have come forward to criticize the age old treatment which has stood strong against all the criticisms of the past.
Now this criticism has been flooded in the social media. Its the right time to respond to these criticisms in the same social media. Now, Dr Muhammed Rafeeque detailed the merits and explained the true story of the recent raw between the homeopathic followers and its critics. It has been illustrated in the local language and is worthy to read.

About the author: Dr Muhammed Rafeeque is a Medical officer in the Department of Homeopathy, Govt. of Kerala. He is a well-known prescriber, an international speaker, author of many Homeopathic books and more than 150 articles and a worldwide promoter of Homeopathy. Some of his books have been translated into French and Spanish languages.
He also serves as the Institutional Review Board Member of the American Medical College of Homeopathy, USA, also the advisor of Homeopathy World Community and IRHFC, Canada. He has given lectures in countries like Malaysia, Morocco, and various states of India. He has contributed many ideas to the filed of homeopathy by correlating the modern scientific methods with the Homeopathic literature, without drifting away from our basic principles.

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