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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AYUSH budget Allocation 2015-16

Ministry of AYUSH (India) has asked the finance ministry to hike the budgetary allocation for propagation and promotion of AYUSH to an extent of Rs.2,700 crore for fiscal 2015-16 from present level of Rs.400 crore, its Minister of State (IC) Mr. Shripad Yesso Naik said. 
Minister disclosed that the government have an independent drug controller for the AYUSH that will be separated from the drug controller of modern medicine.
The drug controller for AYUSH would be provided with sufficient teeth to regulate the AYUSH as per new policy prescription, who would also be provided with a mandate to issue the certificate of pharmaceutical products (COPP) for exports of AYUSH products, said the minister pointing out that manufacturers of AYUSH would not be required to run from pillar to post to obtain it from the current arrangements. 
Recruitment rules are being finalized for the new drug controller and cabinet note being finalized for new regulations of AYUSH products under the new AYUSH health policy which would be unveiled very shortly, Mr. Naik said. He indicated that budgetary allocations for AYUSH until now were meager at about Rs.400 crore for fiscal 2014-15 which need to be multiplied in view of the emerging importance of evolving AYUSH and the ministry has already proposed to the finance ministry to take it to the level of Rs.2,700 crore for the next fiscal, beginning April 2015. 
The fresh standards are also being worked out to ensure that quality AYUSH products are made as per new policy prescription so that such products are well tested for their authenticity, credibility and quality. enior vice president PHD Chamber Mr. Mahesh Gupta urged the government to enhance the yearly allocation for AYUSH to an extent of 20% of the total health budget allocations so that money generated is utilized for the expansion, diversification and broad basing AYUSH. 
source: www.business-standard.com

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