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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Indo Japan world Homeopathic conference 2015 at Delhi

Indo Japan world Homeopathic conference 2015 will be held Delhi , India on 28th February and 1st of March.The Centre for advanced studies in Homeopathy (CASH) Delhi, is organizing the event. The venue is at Tivoli Garden Resort New Delhi.
Dr Torako Yui will have a session on the Zen Method.The ZEN method: Cases of intractable diseases such as cancer, Inner child healing, Homoeopathic natural farming and dietary life.The greatest homoeopath in Japan, Torako Yui (Ph.D.Hom) has proved cure in the difficult cases (intractable diseases) with this great innovation. Not only developmental disorder cases (91% improvement in rates of recovery in 168 cases), but many cases of intractable diseases have also been improved with the ZEN method.

Dr. Master, Farokh J. will have a session on the Topic "Sycotic Miasm in Clinical Practice" He will be discussing Sycotic Miasm as Hahnemann understood followed by its application in current scenerio. He will also be discussing significance of Gonorrhea and Sycotic Miasm, this will be followed by uses of Hahnemann Anti-Sycotic Remedies 
Doctors Banerji, Prasanta and Pratip who have established the 'Prasanta Banerji' Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF) in Kolkata and have developed ‘Banerji Protocol’ and have shown successful results in various incurable diseases and chronic diseases, such as cancer, renal failures, multiple sclerosis, etc. Dr. Manchanda, Raj Kumar: Director General, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy.will have a session on the Topic: ‘Efficacy of homeopathic intervention in subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis in children: an exploratory randomized control study’ There will be also speakers like Dr.Chattopadhyay, Rajat;Dr Jain, Nishant;Dr Khan, L.M.Dr Arora, Geeta;Dr Sahani, M.K source:bjain.bmetrack.com

Details here:bjain.bmetrack.com

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