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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Acne (pimples) and homeopathy

acne pimples
Acne vulgaris is usually a self-limiting disorder primarily of teens and young adults.The reason for the expression of the disease in adolescence is the increase in sebum release by sebaceous glands after puberty. Small cysts form in hair follicles(comedones) due to blockage of the follicular orifice by retention of sebum and keratinous material.The bacteria and yeast like organisms within the comedones releases free fatty acids from sebum, causes inflammation within the cyst, and results in rupture of the cyst wall. An inflammatory foreign-body reaction develops as a result of extrusion of oily and keratinous debris from the cyst.

There are two forms of acne one is acne vulgaris and other is acne roceasea both can be differentiated very easily by the symptoms.The acne vulgaris has the comedone, which may be closed (whitehead) or open (blackhead). These are generally mildly inflamed or noninflammatory comedones on the forehead but later inflammatory lesions develop on the cheeks, nose, and chin.The most common location for acne is the face, but may involve chest and back. These are usually mild but small number of patients develop large inflammatory cysts and nodules,  which may drain and result in significant scarring.
        Acne rosacea is an inflammatory disorder predominantly affecting the central face. It is seen almost exclusively in adults, only rarely affecting patients under 30 years of age.Rosacea is seen more often in women, but those most severely affected are men. It is characterized by the presence of erythema, pustules but is not associated with the presence of comedones. Rosacea only rarely involves the chest or back.

        Homeopathic medicines are the best to treat the acne of both variety. The medicines are given internally. The best medicine has to be selected based on the individuality of the patient.

         The most results are from SEPIA, KALI BROM, CAUSTICUM, HEPAR SULPH, NAT MUR, AND PHOSPHORUS. No external application is necessary to treat the acne. Some accessory measures include 1.avoidance of oily food,  2. repeatedly wash the face with cold water to clean it. 3.occasional steaming once in say 2-3 weeks. With the correct medicines and good accessory measures, cure will follow..


  1. Helpful but not for patients, misuse may lead to harmful and/or permanent bad effects. Homeopathy should be promoted but with correct knowledge and application only it can benefit.

  2. Medicate - The cleansing and firming parts are only a pre-requisite to medicating your acne prone face. Acne needs special attention and like every health problem (it's a problem, you realize), it should be worked with accordingly.learn more