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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shortage of staff affects Ayush department of Karnataka.

The Karnataka department of Ayush is badly hit by paucity of the required qualified staff to man its existing infrastructure including hospitals and colleges. he estimated shortage is pegged at 50 per cent for teaching staff in the six colleges, three in ayurveda, one each in unani, homoeopathy and nature cure. 
The department too is facing a dearth of drug inspectors. “Over the last three years, the department of Ayush has grown and now we need the qualified personnel to man these facilities. Therefore, our move is to prioritize, identify and obtain the right people,” Vijaykumar Gogi, director, Karnataka department of Ayush told Pharmabiz in an interaction.
Going by the importance given to alternative medicines, the department Ayush is now keen to nurture talent. The Department has seen the need to hire genuine talent not solely viewing at lucrative job hopping but looking to secure better workplace environs to hone their capabilities. “In the last few years, we have opened new hospitals where we need to overcome the shortage of 160 doctors. Further, there is an impending shortfall estimated at 50 per cent for teaching staff in the six colleges: three in ayurveda, one each in unani, homoeopathy and nature cure.
We also require a total of 160 lecturers. Now these are challenges confronting the department and we need to overcome before we embark on new projects,” he added. There are 280 government college seats for Bachelors of Ayurveda Medical Sciences (BAMS). In the post graduate category, of the 332 seats in ayurveda and homoeopathy, only 133 are government quota allocation. The department covering ayurveda, unani, siddha, homoeopathy requires drugs inspectors too. The state is home to 171 ayurveda companies, two units manufacturing unani and 10 homoeopathy companies engaged in the production of medicines. The stark reality is that while the infrastructure is in place, the state do not have the manpower to pursue growth, he pointed out. 
Estimating the total shortfall of personnel at 20 per cent in the department, colleges and hospitals, the Ayush department chief noted that certain sections depicted almost 50 per cent paucity of people. “We are now looking at ways to utilize the existing infrastructure by deploying the qualified human resources.”

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