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Monday, May 20, 2013

Delusions and some good rubrics


A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. I had the feeling as if I had been awake the whole night.That is what the patient say when they have delusions. They have the impression ,a feeling;When they express it that way, you have to take the rubric "delusion".
She saw it clearly before her eyes, vividly - "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - vivid" (image)
MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - vivid

If there is noise she hears "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - noise, hears"(image)

MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - noise, hears
After having talked to someone she is wandering whether she has not said anything stupid, whether this person thinks she is a little crazy. You can see in "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - insane - people think she is" (image)

imaginations - insane - people think she is

He had to heap bricks in the desert, they fall down again and he has to heap them again. Look in the Repertory: "MIND - DREAMS - busy, being" (image)
MIND - DREAMS - busy, being
, ".You can also say, that he has a kind of delirium . It is difficult to differentiate between delusion, dream and delirium. Look under "MIND - DELIRIUM -busy"(image)

"I am not normal anymore": when someone says this about himself, which rubric can we take ? "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - insane - become, that she will" (image)
imaginations - insane - become, that she will
. When they say it themselves, it means that they think they are insane.

If the patient says, " I sold my business and because I did so, God is punishing me with my disease." - Where can we find this in the Repertory? - Under Mind, " MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - vengeance, thinks he is singled out for divine" (image)

imaginations - vengeance,
When she goes walking in the evening and there is a tree or a cornfield she imagines that there is somebody. How can you find this ? "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - inanimate objects are persons" (image)
. When she walks in the darkness, it seems as if there are persons.
inanimate objects are persons

When the patient feels thar he is being laughed at, Which is the rubric? "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - laughed at, mocked, she is" (image)

laughed at, mocked
When he has seen a movie, a little bit horrible, he could not sleep. How can we translate this in terms of the Repertory ? He can not sleep, because he sees the same things before his eyes.In the evening when you go to bed and close your eyes, you see this horrible movie again, and then you open your eyes and want the light on. Where do we find the corresponding rubric ?"Horrible things affect profoundly" in synthesis repertory (image)
Horrible things affect profoundly
. When he lies in bed, and on closing his eyes in the dark, he sees those things again and is afraid. "MIND - DELUSIONS, imaginations - images, phantoms, sees - closing the eyes, on
" (image)

DELUSIONS, imaginations - images, phantoms, sees

or "delusions, visions on closing the eyes" (image)
delusions, visions on closing the eyes

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  1. Thanks! Demonstrative as well as guidelines to realise the rubric.