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Monday, November 5, 2012

Important and good rubrics in children

rubrics, children
Some children perspire very much, they perspire all over, but particularly on their head. So, perspiration on the scalp and especially during the sleep, "perspiration, scalp, night" (image).
head perspiration
There you find remedies like Bovista, Bryonia, Calcarea capital, there is also Silicea.Silicea perspires also on the head during the sleep and mainly perspires in his neck. Where can we find this ? "Back, perspiration, cervical region, in sleep" (image)
cervical region, perspiration
There are 4 remedies: Calcarea capital, china, sulphur and Phosphoricum acidum.In the child with a large head. How can we find this in the Repertory ? "Head, large" (image)
head large
There we see remedies like Cajuputum, Calcarea, Calcarea phosphorica, Corallium, Mercurius and Silicea. When a child with a large head, looking pale and perspires especially in the neck ,when you have this triad and besides the fontanelles remain open too long, then you do not have to doubt about Calcarea. The differential diagnosis between Calcarea and Calcarea phosphorica is not easy.

Calcarea children usually are thick and weak; when you take their hands, usually you can bend the fingersbackwards. The hands are very soft, as if there are no bones. They want to push their own will - "obstinate" (image)
obstinate children
Calcarea phosphorica children are rather tall, thin, small people; children who are not satisfied, who weep all the time,growing pains at night, "growing pains" (image)

growing painGuaiacum is a very important remedy for growing pains. Guaiacum has a very strong longing for apples and the growing pains are ameliorated by cold.Another remedy is Phosphoricum acidum, children who grow too fast, who are very thirsty and like juicy things very much.
Calcarea phosphorica children sigh constantly, they do not feel very well - "sighing" (image)


Kent points out a possible line of evolution: Calcarea, Calcarea phosphorica, Phosphorus. Calcarea phosphorica prefers "smoked meat" (image)
desires meat
The child has an early tooth decay. We look at "teeth, caries, premature in children" (image)
premature caries of teethCalcarea, Calcarea fluorata, Calcarea phosphorica, Fluoricum acidum, Kreosotum, Staphisagria. There are two capital remedies: Kreosotum and Staphisagria. In Kreosotum the teeth are already decayed when they come out. They are very small, and are already breaking down.There is another capital remedy in the rubric: Staphisagria. How is the appearance of Staphisagria teeth ? They have black stripes, especially at the upper part. Staphisagria is also the first remedy for tooth abscesses in children. Do not forget to look at the teeth in children !

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