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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The great remedy Chamomilla

Chamomilla is a plant which is also called Corn-Fever-Few or Matricaria Chamomilla. It grows in uncultivated fields, among wheat and corn, especially in sandy regions all over Europe.

Chamomilla is particularly suited to diseases of pregnant women, nurses and little children. Especially of frequent employment in diseases of children, where peevishness, restlessness and colic give the needful indications. The senses are too acute. Hypersensitive to pain.

These patients do not know what they want; they are unhappy and they make everybody else around them so. It is very difficult to please the Chamomilla babies.Various things are wanted that are not to be had, and which when procured and offered, are refused with disdain and discourtesy.

It is also a remedy for the bad effects of violent emotions.When headache or colic or jaundice or some such like affection takes place due to extreme mental disturbance, we should think of Chamomilla.

The chief guiding symptoms belong to the mental and emotional group, which lead to this remedy in many forms of disease. Cham. is a highly emotional, temperamental and oversensitive remedy. Chamomilla is sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot and numb. Hypersensitive from abuse of coffee and narcotics. Pains unendurable, associated with numbness.

Bad temper Peevishness, ill-humor, anger with rage, violence and heat. Cannot bear to be looked at. Cannot be civil to doctor. Impatience. Cham. also corresponds to the effects of anger: colic, diarrhea, jaundice, twitchings and convulsions. Demands instant relief for his suffering, he would rather die than suffer. Child cries and must be carried about to be quieted 

It is a great remedy for dentition in children, The baby starts during sleep, and is quite restless.Twitchings of the muscles of face and hands are also prominent. Moaning is quite characteristic of this remedy.We find this both in children and grown-up people.
When the child is refused anything, it moans most piteously.The same is noticed in grown-up people who moan continuously on account of some trifling displeasure which arose out of mere triviality quite a long time ago. Chamomilla patients are quite averse to talking. They are short tempered, snappish and disinclined to talk. This snappishness is so pronounced in babies that they become quite stiff, bend backward, kick and scream in season and out of season, with reason and without reason, and nothing in the world would pacify them except being carried about. We find a similar impatience and irritability in women also.  This is most pronounced during menstruation when they get extremely quarrelsome and headstrong.

This impatience under pain means great excitability of the senses. Chamomilla is one of our best pain-killing remedies.It simply cures the pain.Many a time and often, have I seen the most distracting pain leave under the influence of a single dose of Chamomilla.

The pain is simply unendurable.It drives the patient to despair. This is a general statement that holds good in Chamomilla pain, wherever it may be - tooth, ear, abdomen and heart. There is one other distinguishing feature about the pain of Cham. and that is numbness accompanying the pain.

Chamomilla is very rich in gastric symptoms.We find it indicated in gastralgia, the effect of anger, brought about by the slighest contradiction. A pressive pain in stomach, as from a stone, is particularly characteristic of this.

Chamomilla produces a peculiar green diarrhea, and it is in the treatment of this complaint, that homoeopathy easily proves its excellence and vindicates its principle. The hot, foul-smelling, corroding stools, looking almost like chopped eggs, changing frequently to a yellowish greenish color with all the accompanying symptoms of fever, crankiness, twitching of muscles and colic indeed show a desperate condition.   It is impossible to estimate, how many such cases, after the failure of the dominant system of treatment, have been helped with Chamomilla.

Chamomilla is rarely thought of in fevers, although it makes admirable cures when indicated.There is chill without thirst. He shivers when uncovering or undressing. Another great characteristic is the intermingling of chill and heat at the same time. Certain parts of the body are extremely cold and chilly, whereas other parts feel hot like fire and this condition alternates. The whole body feels cold, but the face burns intensely - the breath feels hot.The posterior part of the body feels chilly, whereas the anterior part of the body is hot to touch. This state of alternation of symptoms with redness of one cheek and paleness of the other during febrile excitement is most guiding. The stage of heat is long lasting, and is characterized by violent thirst. He starts frequently in sleep. The same intermingling of heat and shivering is also to be seen in this stage. Great agitation, anxiety and the intense irritability of temperament seem to be more pronounced at this stage.T he patient sweats most profusely over the face and the head, and the perspiration is hot.  

MURPHY R., Homeopathic Remedy Guide
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