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Thursday, April 18, 2013

CCH election! Vote now!

CCH election KERALA
Kerala-India. The persons whose names are printed on the voting paper given herewith, have been duly nominated as candidates for the election to the Central Council of Homoeopathy, should you desire to vote at the election, it is request that you shall –
  1. fill up and sign the declaration paper;

  2. mark your vote/votes in the column provided for the purpose in the voting paper as directed on the voting paper;

  3. enclose the voting paper in the smaller cover (hereafter called the voting paper cover) and stick it up; and

  4. enclose the smaller cover and the declaration paper in the outer envelope addressed to me and return the same to me by post or deliver it in person in my office so as to reach the Retuning officer, Travancore cochin medical council, Trivandrum. not later than 5.00 p.m. on the 13th may 2013
2. The voting paper cover shall be rejected, if –

(a) the outer envelops enclosing the voting paper cover is not sent by post or delivered in person in my office or is received later than the day and hour fixed for the closing of the poll; or
(b) the outer envelope contains no declaration paper outside the voting paper cover; or
(c ) the declaration paper is not the one sent by the Returning Officer to the voter; or
(d) the declaration paper is not signed by the elector; or
(e) the voting paper is placed outside the voting paper cover; or
(f) more than one declaration paper or voting paper cover have been enclosed in one and the same outer envelope; or
(g) the State Registration number is not given by the elector in the declaration paper.
3. A voting paper shall be invalid, if ,
(i) it does not bear the Returning Officer’s initials or facsimile signature; or
(ii) the voter signs his name, or writes any word or makes any mark by which it becomes recognizable as his voting paper; or
(iii) no vote is recorded thereon; or
(iv) the number of votes recorded thereon exceeds the number of seats to be filled; or
(v) there is uncertainty of the vote exercised.

More details here: http://www.cchindia.com/cch-election-rules.htm