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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dentition (eruption of teeth) and homeopathy

Teething troubles is a very common childhood problem. A tooth moving toward the surface of the gum may cause pain and swelling.

But first you should be aware when does the teeth erupt. In ill-nourished children and in rickets, dentition may be delayed. Usually the lower incisors (temporary) are the first teeth in a baby by the age of 6months. Eruption of temporary teeth is for 2 – 2½ years. The temporary teeth begin to fall at about the sixth or seventh year .These takes place usually after the eruption of the first permanent molar. The children in the age group of 6-12yrs have mixed dentition.

dentition order permenent
dentition order primary
Homeopathy has a big role to play when there is a delay in dentition and no teeth has come up even by the age of 9-10 months. The pediatrician might give calcium as they think that it’s the deficiency that is causing the problem, but, actually the problem lies in the fact that the baby is unable to put the calcium getting from the milk to the teeth. So the role of calcium supplement is minimal. Homeopathic remedies like CALCAREA, SILICEA, TUBERCULINUM and CALCAREA PHOS can do wonders for slow dentition. These medicines   can correct the baby in help in eruption of teeth.

There might also be many complaints like fever, gastric problems, irritability, diarrhea, convulsions etc during dentition.

dentition slow

dentition difficult

 Best remedies for fever during dentition include BELLADONNA; CHAMOMILLA; ACONITE; ARSENICUM ALBUM, and NUX VOMICA.
Best remedies for diarrhea during dentition include ARSENICUM ALBUM; CHAMOMILLA; PODOPHYLLUM; RHEUM; MERC SOL; BORX; CALCAREA and SILICEA.

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