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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sinusitis and some rubrics

Contributed by Dr.George

sinusitis rubric

This is the general rubric for sinusitis(image)
If the patient says it is here, and shows it with the finger;which is the remedy? when someone says to you, "My pain is there." (pushes with his fingertip on the nose root) - where is the sinusitis of Kali bichromicum? In the maxillary sinusitis, Kali bichromicum is the first remedy(image). There are many remedies in homeopathy for sinus infection.
maxillary sinusitis

It can be frontal, but usually if Kali bichromicum has a frontal sinusitis, there is also a maxillary sinusitis. But there are people who indicate (with the finger) on one spot and then you find the remedy in the rubric "pain in small spots" (image)
pain spots in
They really indicate with their fingertip. The remedy for pain at small spots are Kali bichromicum, Ignatia, calc phos,colchicum,rhododendron ,Fluoricum acidum, Onosmodium, Thuja and so on. 
There is also Onosmodium. How is the way of walking of Onosmodium? Where is the problem of Onosmodium patients? In the accommodation; and he walks this way that he lifts his leg too high. So he does not really see how high the stones are.(image)
slow accommodation
Where can we find a frontal sinusitis in the Repertory? A sinusitis usually starts by which kind of disease? Coryza. Look in the Repertory: "NOSE - CATARRH - followed by - Frontal sinuses; complaints of "(image)
frontal sinusitis
Compare these two rubrics ("pain at small spots" and "catarrh, extends to frontal sinuses"), which remedy is there in the two rubrics? Thuja and Kali bich. 
Thuja is a very important remedy for chronic frontal sinusitis and these patients indicate the pain with one finger. Do not forget Thuja, when the patients say, "My pain is sitting here, inside the bone." That is Thuja. We make mistakes in prescribing Thuja, because Thuja also has the scabs, but typical for Kali bichromicum is the long string of mucus(image)
stringy discharge
Thuja is more dry, they take the crusts; its dry nostrils - so you can differntiate Kali bichromicum and Thuja. Usually, there is a constipation in Thuja. Which symptom makes everything better;Thuja is often constipated and if the nose starts running, and if those people are sitting on the toilet, the stool is coming out. That is typical for Thuja. Thuja has also this very strong dryness inside the nose that is better in open air(image)

dryness open air amel.

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