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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A case of hypothyroidism treated with homeopathy

Contributed by Dr.Saji
Here is a case of a Muslim Female 13 yrs. with  presenting complaint as : 1. Goitre, noticed since 1 yr. 2. Generalised weakness since 1 yr. . This is an example of a case with very few symptoms. 
The Complaints started with generalised weakness and bloated appearance of the face one year back. Consulted an allopathic doctor who noticed some swelling of the thyroid gland and advised Blood and Urine R/E and TFT. Everything was within normal limits except serum TSH which was raised(21.15mIU/ml on 29/07/10). see image.
Lab report first
Took allopathic tablets from there onwards and the TSH value was 12.34mIU/ml on 10-09-10. Even after taking allopathic medicine for about one year, the TSH value was not within normal range.(6.39mIU/ml on 22/10/11.) lab report during allopathic medication 1
They came to me to inquire about the possibility of Homoeopathic medicines. No significant points in her history of presenting illness. There is a past history of Recurrent painful oral ulcers. No considerable General Symptoms was found. Regionals : Recurrent painful oral ulcers. Investigations before treatment : 22-10-11. TSH : 6.39 mIU/ml Investigation after treatment : 05/02/12. TSH : 3.99 mIU/ml.lab report during allopathic medication 2

Repertorial Rubrics Selected : 
1. Neck; goiter; puberty, in 
2. Mouth; ulcers; painful 
3. Face, Bloated Repertorial

Result : Calc
Remaining symptoms :

1. Generalities; weakness; children, in ( as weakness at puberty is not available ) : Calc 
2. Clinical; hypothyroidism : Calc
lab report after treatment


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