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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas rose- Helleborus Niger

Helleborus Niger is a Homeopathic remedy and belongs to the family Ranunculaceae.Although the flowers of  resemble wild roses and despite  their common name as "Christmas rose"  
Helleborus Niger
Helleborus Niger do not belong to the rose family (Rosaceae).

The main use of Helleborus is in Cerebrospinal fever - Acute meningitis,Typhoid,Hydrocephalus, Paralysis,Epilepsy with consciousness,Traumatic tetanus,Melancholia, Insanity and Ring worm.

The characteristic symptoms  include:
Brain symptoms during dentition 
Brain symptoms during dentition

Diarrhoea during dentition
Eyes wide open; insensible to light; pupils dilated, or alternately contracted and dilated.
Automatic motion of one arm and leg
Automatic motion of one arm and leg
Convulsions with extreme coldness of body, except heat or occiput which may be hot.
Chewing motion of the mouth
Chewing motion of the mouth
Urine : red, black, scanty, coffee-ground sediment; suppressed in brain troubles and dropsy; albuminous.
Dropsy: from suppressed exanthema; with suppressed urine.
Dropsy: from suppressed exanthema

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