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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Hypertension and common man

Hypertension and common man

Have you ever suffered from hypertension?
Hypertension is not just a single problem. It creates multiple effects in your body making ground for many other chronic ailments. 16 million Americans are having elevated blood pressure which is more than 140 mm of Mercury or diastolic blood pressure of more than 90 mm of Mercury.
Prevalence of hypertension increases with age. Stroke and coronary artery disease are the two major complications of hypertension.
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What is the problem of having hypertension?
Long continued hypertension may lead to end stage kidney disease and heart failure
People should understand that during a phase of pre-hypertension that is a pressure below or around 140 mm of Mercury there is no need for any anti hypertensive drugs. If the blood pressure rises more than 150 mm of Mercury, you my take some medication along with lifestyle modifications.

How is blood pressure measured?
Pressure should be measured with the well calibrated sphygmomanometer. (This is the instrument to measure the blood pressure, or commonly called the BP apparatus). Pressure should be taken on both the arms to avoid errors. The mean blood pressure can be taken as the value. Variation of 10 mm of Mercury in both arms are usually noted, this is quite normal. You can measure your blood pressure using this instrument which can be purchased online on Amazon or from Walmart or any retail outlets

What are the reasons for high blood pressure?
Primary essential hypertension is the term applied to cases in which no cause of hypertension can be identified. This comes to around the 95% of all cases of hypertension. Of these 16 to 20 percentage of the people are having essential hypertension with no symptoms.

Those cases which have identifiable causes are called secondary hypertension. The major identifiable causes of secondary hypertension are sleep apnea, cardiac disorders, drug induced hypertension,  chronic kidney disease and abnormal thyroid and parathyroid activities.
Hypertension can be seen in families  showing correlation to single gene. Kidney disease is the most common cause of secondary hypertension. Hypertension accompanies in many diabetic and inflammatory glomerular diseases. Small increase in blood pressure is seen most women taking oral contraceptives. Hypertension has also been associated with hypercalcemia especially in  parathyroid disorders. There are cases of drug induced hypertension, and also  cases attributed with stimulants and alcohol.

Mild to moderate primary essential hypertension is largely asymptomatic for many years. Most frequent symptoms include headache which is also very non-specific. Accelerated hypertension is associated with somnolence, confusion ,visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting

Additional diagnostic studies can be done including hemoglobin, tests related to heart like ECG, Echo-cardiogram, and even a chest X-ray and renal function tests.  Fasting blood sugar and lipid profiles are also helpful in getting to ascertain the causes.

What are the main modifications required in lifestyle?
Increase in body weight is the main factor and should be maintained in normal BMI of 18.5  to 24.9.
Consuming diet containing  fruits vegetables and low fat dairy products. Reducing saturated fats and trans fats. Reducing dietary sodium intake specially the common salt can produce significant blood pressure changes.
Limiting consumption of alcohol and avoiding stimulants and completely avoiding smoking can reduce the hypertension drastically. We can expect hypertension in those who smoke cigarette.
Those who have more BMI and lower physical inactivity are showing hypertension. Those having diabetes and having kidney diseases and aged above 50 year and people with strong family history of premature cardiovascular diseases must  take due care.

Hypertension damages the vessels and on the heart, brain and the kidneys. This can also lead to retinopathy of the eye.
Along with hypertension hypercholesterolemia or dyslipidemia has to be also controlled.

Best food that can reduce your blood pressure?
No such specific food that will reduce your blood pressure but following some important food substances and diet below can reduce your blood pressure significantly.
Food having low salt can actually reduce your blood pressure and is to be followed by all people having hypertension. Dark Chocolates contains flavonoids  help dilating of your blood vessels. Oatmeal breakfast is a good source of rich fibre with low fat and low sodium. Beans contain high potassium,magnesium and fibre, which can reduce your blood pressure.  Garlic as you know is remedy for lowering cholesterol and it also acts as a blood thinner. Carrots are having high potassium and has more powerful antioxidants and these are effective in reducing blood pressure. Omega 3 present in Salmond, mackerel, flaxseeds and walnut can reduce your blood pressure significantly. Tomatoes has lycopene present in them which can lower the blood pressure.
Ginger, radish and pomegranate are also good items to be added to their daily food.

Homoeopathic Remedies included in synthesis repertory is 157 and there are 204 remedies in complete repertory. Homoeopathy is always based on constitutional treatment and the patient has to be treated in a holistic way. Homoeopathy can do wonders in many patients and can eventually reduce the intake of allopathic remedies and even completely stop them. Do take the advice of your Homoeopathic Physician.


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