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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Homoeopathy and rectal diseases

Homeopathy and Rectal diseases
Contributed by Dr.George
Homoeopathy has always been a great help of healing in Rectal fisuures and abscesses where the other systems( The main mode of treatment is surgery.) have struggled in curing these types of cases.  When surgeries fail to cure them the patients searches for another modes of treatment and they do come to homeopaths.Hemorrhoids treatment

The important part of the treatment is the diagnosis of the case. A confirmed diagnosis is necessary so that we do not miss some underground ailment. A physical examination of the area and a proctoscope will finalize the diagnosis. NOT ALL HEMORRGHAGES FROM RECTUM ARE PILES( Hemorrhoids). Let the case be examined by you or some other doctor to rule out any major ailments like a cancer.Hemorrhoids treatment
A fistulogram can be taken to diagnose a case of fistula.
Rectum Fistula

Rectum Fissure
Most common ailments are fissure, fistula,polyp,Abscess and also hemorrhoids(piles).Hemorrhoids treatment
The main remedies that are to be considered are Ratanhia, Paeonia, Nit-Ac, Phos, Graph,Sil etc.
Ratanhia is a useful remedy for fissure in anus and for the pain that lasts for hours after stool. Paeonia  a remedy in fissures where the pains are intolerable after each stool and the patient cannot sleep from pain, there is oozing from fissure. Nit-Ac also has the pain similar to splinters ot stick poking into anus.Phos indicated mainly in bleeding piles and burning followed by stools. Hamamelis is also good remedy for the hemorrhages.Hemorrhoids treatment
Graphites is also a great remedy with violent pains and splinter like sensation. The have the pain with a sensation of constriction at anus after every stool.
Most cases are cured by these above medicines. calc f and Calc-Phos has also aremarkable effect in these cases.
Ruta needs a special mention in these cases of hemorrghaes especially in the case of cancer of rectum
many remedies like Aloes, Merc, Thuja, Cund, Hyras, Alum.
Most of the remedies listed above work for fistula. Berberis, Calc,Caust,Kali-c can be added to the list.Hemorrhoids treatment
For hemorrhoids a lot of remedies can be considered. Collinsonia and Aesculus can be added to the list.
The best way is to prescribe on the individuality of the case. The medicnes listed above have given good results from my personal experiences.

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