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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Post Graduate Certificate Course in Veterinary Homeopathy - distance learning mode

Realizing the hardships, limitations, problems and side effects of the allopathic system of medicine, scientists throughout the world are trying for alternative systems of treatment. The problems of antibiotic resistance and chemical residues in food and animal products are challenges to the modern veterinarians.

Alternative system of treatments are getting popularity throughout the world and Homeopathy is one such system of medicine which can be used for the treatment of animals effectively and efficaciously as in the case of Human beings. 
A host of European countries have been successfully adopting Homoeopathy in Veterinary Practice viz. Germany,Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway , UK,Spain Ireland, Israel etc

Homeopathy is of great use for treatment and prevention of diseases.More specifically cows and sheeps are treated for mastitis, diarrhea in calves, respiratory difficulties in pigs, eye infections in birds. Complaints arising from vaccinations and breeding problems are also treated well with homeopathic medicines
KVASU Notice

The present veterinarians in India are not equipped with the knowledge of Homeopathy and as such they are not in a position to adopt the Homeopathic medicines in practice. Hence it is high time the vets should acquire knowledge of homeopathic medicines in order to overcome the failures, inadequacy and expenses of the allopathic system by way of safe, simple, scientific, effective, economic, easy to use, readily available and Eco-friendly medicine.
KVASU Brochure

Taken these facts into consideration, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University has taken an initiative to start a new Post Graduate Certificate Course in Veterinary Homeopathy of six months duration through technology enabled distance learning mode to make the Vets equipped with the knowledge of HOMEOPATHY in Veterinary practice.  Related News https://homoeoscan.com/2015/03/the-first-veterinary-homeopathy-course-in-Kerala.html


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