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Monday, September 14, 2015

GHF conducts a National Homeopathic Convention at Kozhikode, Kerala

GHF kozhikode
Global Homeopathic Foundation conducted a National  Homeopathic Convention at Kozhikode on 13th Sep 2015. One of the speaker in the meet was Dr B.M Hegde, an eminent medical scientist and a author. He was honored with the the Padma Bhushan, one of India's highest civilian award. He is a retired Vice chancellor of the Manipal University.
Dr. Hegde emphasized that more number of deaths occur due to the side effects of the medications that are taken for treating the disease, than the disease itself. The roll of medicine in curing the patient is very minimal. The human body has a potential to cure a disease by its own.The doctors must need to just help the body cure itself. The doctors are doing crime in treating the patients by creating side effects of the unwanted medications. Homeopathy is doing wonders because its a treatment with no sideeffects.
Even though Homeopathy is the least expensive compared to any other system of medicine, it has not been well considered in the country. Dr. Hegde also emphasized that Doctors must not exploit the patients but give support , care and   courage to them. He also said that Turmeric has great effect on cancer and can help the patients more that the conventional expensive treatments and medications which in itself contains active principles of  turmeric.
Inaugarting the function Manjalamkuzhik Ali, Minister for Urban Affairs and Minority Welfare announced that the state has approved 21crore Rupees for development of AYUSH Stream.

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