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Friday, May 16, 2014

Trios in Homeopathic Materia Medica

Trios in Homeopathic Materia Medica
  • Ars Alb: Arsenicum leads all the remedies for burning sensation, especially in acute diseases.
     - It is not by any means confined to acute diseases, but is often found in chronic affections, especially of a malignant character or tending to malignancy.
     - I think perhaps Sulphur outranks it generally for burnings in chronic affections.
     - There is hardly an organ or tissue in the human system where these burnings of Arsenic are not found.
     - This burning, strange as it may seem, is greatly ameliorated by heat.
  • Phosphorus: As a general characteristic, Burning is almost as strong under this remedy as under Arsenicum and Sulphur.
     - There is no organ or tissue in which it may not be found, from the outer skin to the innermost surface of very tract or parenchyma.
     - It may be subjective only without actual rise of temperature, or it may attend organic changes in malignant diseases, with great rise of temperature.
     - The sensation of burning in an intense degree should always place Phosphorus in the front rank for consideration.
  • Sulphur :Hahnemann's king of anti-psorics; combating all psoric manifestations, as described in Hahnemann's chronic diseases.
     - Itching eruptions on the skin everywhere; scratching is followed by burning.
     - Burning everywhere, general and local, especially feet; has to stick them out of bed to cool them.

  • Trio-Delerium:

  • Belladonna:No remedy has more persistently violent delirium than Belladonna.
     - One of the characteristic features of Belladonna in delirium as compared with the other two remedies is the decided evidence already mentioned of a surcharge of blood in the brain.
  • Hyoscyamus:No remedy has more persistently violent delirium than Belladonna.
     - One of the characteristic features of Belladonna in delirium as compared with the other two remedies is the decided evidence already mentioned of a surcharge of blood in the brain.
  • Stramonium:The last of the trio (the other two are Bell., and Hyos.)is pre-eminently the high-grade delirium remedy, differs from the other two chiefly in the degree of intensity.By way of still further comparison Stramonium is the most widely loquacious.
     - Hyoscyamus is the most insensibly stupid.
     - Belladonna in this respect stands half way between.
     - Stramonium, throws himself about, jerking head from pillow.
     - Hyoscyamus, twitches, picks and reaches, otherwise lying pretty still.
     - Belladonna, starts or jumps when falling into or awaking from sleep.

  • Trio-Flatulence:

  • Carb Veg:The most marked and valuable place for this remedy is in its power to relieve complaints from excessive flatulence in the stomach.
     - "Great accumulations of flatulence in stomach.
     - "Stomach feels full and tense from flatulence.
     - " Great pain in stomach on account of flatulence, worse especially on lying down, should always call attention to this remedy.
     - All this may occur in different affections ranging from a simple dyspepsia to incurable cancer of the stomach.-This flatulence is also generated in the abdomen, but, in the Carbo vegetabilis cases, is most troublesome in upper part; yet may extend so far as to cause great meteoritic distention, especially in typhoid fevers, dysenteries, etc.
  • China:It is a great flatulent remedy, the choice often remaining between it, Carbo veg. and Lycopodium.
     - H.N.  Guernsey expresses it about right in these words - "Uncomfortable distention of the abdomen, with a wish to belch up, or a sensation as if the abdomen were packed full, not in the least relieved by eructation."
     - Such patients are troubled with slow digestion, and as they express it: sometimes it seems as if the food all turned to gas.
     - They feel so full and oppressed they can hardly breathe and still will feel hungry at meal-time.
  • Lycopodium:This is one of the leading trio of flatulent remedies, Carbo veg. and China being the other two.
     - With Lycopodium there seems to be an almost constant fermentation of gas going on in the abdomen, which produces a loud croaking and rumbling.
     - Remember, while China bloats the whole abdomen Carbo veg. prefers the upper and Lycopodium the lower parts.
     - With Lycopodium this flatulent condition is very apt to occur in connection with chronic liver trouble.

  • Corpse Revivers

  • Ars alb:Arsenicum is not the only remedy capable of curing these malignant cases, and how do we know after all that it may not be Muriatic acid or Carbo vegetabilis that will be the remedy after the case is developed.To the characteristic restlessness, of which we have said so much, is added great prostration.
     - This prostration is present in most diseases, both acute and chronic, where Arsenic is indicated.
     - For instance, in typhoids there is no remedy that prostrates more.
     - Carbo veg. and Muriatic acid equal it, the difference being that the Arsenic patient wants to move or be moved constantly, while with the other two remedies there is almost utter absence of any such show of life.
  • Carb veg: "No truer remark was ever written than that Carbo vegetabilis is especially adapted to cachectic individuals whose vital powers have become weakened.- No remedy can take its place in broken down, greatly debilitated constitutions where the surfaces from which the blood oozes seem too weak and spongy to hold the blood in them.
     - Their vitality is gone with the patient's nervous vitality.
  • Muriatic Acid: It comes nearer to Carbo vegetabilis than any other remedy. Moaning and sliding down in the bed from excessive weakness; lower jaw fallen, tongue dry, leathery and shrunken to a third of its natural size, and paralyzed; pulse weak and intermittent.

  • Trio-Restless:

  • Aconite:
    The Aconite restlessness comes in the earlier stages of inflammatory diseases, with fever of a high grade.
     - The Aconite patient tosses to and fro in agony and fear.
     - He has fear of death, but not like the Aconite fear, but rather an anxiety and a feeling that it is useless to take medicine for he is going to die; he is incurable.
  • Ars Alb: Arsenicum in the later stages, after the patient has become greatly reduced in strength, or in low grades of fever like typhoids.The Arsenic patient is too weak to toss as the anguish and restlessness would incline him to.
     - He cannot move himself around as he desires, but wants to be moved from place to place, or bed to bed, while the least exertion on his own part exhausts terribly.
  • Rhus tox: Rhus restlessness is present and the patient tosses or turns from side to side, even without knowing of it, or of anything going on around her.

  • Ref: Leaders in Homeopathic therapeutics -Nash E B
    More trios in the next post....PART II

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