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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Earache and homeopathy

Earache and homeopathy
You all might have come across with earache(otalgia) some time or the other. These pains usaully come up at night and that too in children
  • The main cause might be due to war wax(cerumen).
  • Trauma to the outer ear, ear cavity or ear drum,
  • Infection of the ear either bacterial, fungal, viral,
  • Boils inside or outside the ear,
  • Any foreign body in the ear cavity e.g. beads,seeds,insects etc, can also be the cause.
  • Referred pain may be due to tonsillitis,tooth decay/caries, tooth abscess, cold and cough, sinusitis .
The best medicines that are most useful are BELLADONNA, CHAMOMILLA; HEPAR SULPH;MERC SOL; MAG PHOS , MULLEIN OIL (externally).

The proper diagnosis and the real cause of the pain is very important. The dosage and potency has to be decided by the physician.
Do not let water enter your ear during ear pain, if  it  happens then clean and dry your ear properly. Do  not  blow  your nose too strongly during earache  as  it  may increase the pain.


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