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Thursday, January 9, 2014

CCH will not allow the Homeopathy students to practice Allopathy

CCH Delhi
CCH (Central Council of Homeopathy) is an apex body which comes under the Ministry of Health & Family welfare. It is established in 1973 by Government of India. All the decisions regarding Homeopathy will be taken by this council. For medical qualification in homeopathy any university or institute need to apply for this council.
From Past several days doctors were demanding CCH to including some of the Allopathy subjects in Homeopathy. Doctors who were demanding for Allopathy subjects were stating that it will be easily if any person wants to shift the course from Homeopathy to Allopathy course. Doctors also demanded to introduce a short term Allopathy course after the completion of Homeopathy course.

CCH has conducted a meeting to discuss all the issues of the doctors. After a long discussion, Ramjee Singh, CCH Chief, has clearly stated that it is not possible to introduce any short term course of Allopathy to do after the completion the Homeopathy course.
At the same time Ramjee clearly rejected to introduce Allopathy subjects into Homeopathy. He also stated that council will not allow the Homeopathy students to practice Allopathy. As both the subjects are entirely different from each other. It is not possible to include Allopathy into Homeopathy and Homeopathy course into Allopathy. One is the North Pole course and other one is South Pole course. Both are entirely different. He further stated that, CCH is planning to undertake Minimum Standard Education Requirement (MSER) in all the homeopathy colleges of India. This will be undertaken with the help of Health Ministry.
This is not possible to implement this in this academic year due to some practical problems so it is postponed to next academic year. CCH wants to implement some measures to regulate the functioning and operation of homeopathy colleges in India. Measures will also helpful to standardise the homeopathic education in sync with the subjects prescribed by CCH. Source: aegindia.org/2014/01/allopathy-subjects-will-not-include-in-homeopathy/2140178.html

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