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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An infected corn on foot cured by homeopathy

An infected corn on foot cured by homeopathy
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEj31luOfq-1E9r62OFQ52OxsjuFgSTnlL-w0qsktC7pCfuZQI6_q4u_-eHy0nNDyaImICttDRdRYldeN5cD-RnZpHNkmF7X0e14lVfiidljWfQJQLDZNkU3VOij442x3GkvK-mKxF7PGMA/s1600/gif-new.gifCase by Dr.George Varghese
This is case of 7 year old girl child. She was having a great pain on the feet on walking. Her mother and father showed me a corn at sole of the feet. It seemed to be inflamed and infected. So what is the rubric here... EXTREMITIES - CORNS - painful.
You can use also another rubric EXTREMITIES - CORNS - inflamed.
Her thirst and appetite were moderate. She had constipation and did not pass stool on daily basis. She even had occasional nasal obstruction and occasionally pain along the extremities resembling growing pains. This was a easy case with very few symptoms.
The other rubrics taken were RECTUM - CONSTIPATION - children, in. 
Hopefully many homeopaths might give ANT-C, Which I too did and this was the remedy and did cure it in a few days time. Here ANT-C did cover the Nose Obstruction but didn't cover the growing pains
reportory chart
I know that it could be cured easily by many homeopaths. Here this case is given to emphasis the importance of documentation using digital media. Many Homoeopathic doctors are able to cure wide variety of cases that the so call modern medicine are unable to do so. In this case no internal Allopathic remedies can cure such case, but with proper homeopathic remedy cure always happens....
Thanks to Homoeopathy , the Greatest Healing Art.

I Request all fellow Homeopaths to post cases that are cured by homeopathy and HOMOESCAN.COM will be a platform to share these cases. contact@homoeoscan.com

infected corninfected corn cured by ANT-C