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Corn cured by homeopathy - A quick prescription

Corn cured by homeopathy- A quick prescription
Here comes a girl aged 23 with corns on her feet. Its painful and often feels it when walking. No much time for the prescription. Just some more time to ask some general questions. The corns have been there for a few years now. No changes, Had taken homeopathic remedies from two to three doctors but persisting. So all the major remedies might have been given ( in my mind). So pain is the first The first remedy in sight...yes Ant Crud.... But wait...
the case is not complete.....observe... what we see here she has some acne ( pimples on the face ). so took that symptom...Sulphur is there..and many more...
corn sole foot
So we have 2 symptoms CORNS painful and Face ACNE.....What next... Appetite good , Thirst Stool Urine all fine....nothing much symptoms.... 
So the history again... its now on the sole of  left foot....there was a corn on the right foot in the beginning but  now on the left foot. The right one is not disturbing much. But the left sole is so painful..
Repertory case
The key symptom SIDE Right Then Left..... This remedy did cover both the earlier symptoms...So hope you guessed the correct remedy. LYC was the correct remedy and it was given in 200th potency in sac-lac. It was dissolved in 1 ounce water and taken 1 spoon at night and 1 spoon the next day morning. The second best remedy was followed with it.This is short snap prescription The remedy was the similimum in the case.(Select the Paragraph and you will see the remedy)

Corns on the way to cure
The Repertory chart is also intresting. Mostly we see a optismism that the remedy will work. How? You see the chart... the first two remedies are the complimentary ones.... Always it happens like this... a complementary or a related remedy does compete for these places...This gives you to confidence to give the remedy.
Related remedy

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