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Friday, March 20, 2015

"Sadagamaya" Project gaining Popularity

A one day zonal workshop on "Sadagamaya" for medical officers of Kottayam District under Homeopathic Department was held in Municipal hall,Vaikom. The event was inaugrated by Vaikom Municipal chairperson Smt Sreelatha Balachandran.The discussion was handled by Dr.Roy Zacharia, Dr Sreekumar, Psychologist Miss.Aarathi and Special Education Teacher Sri. Arun.Information on the project for Kottayam District can be had from the District Medical Office- Homoeo Ph: 0481- 2583516 and also from District Govt.Hospital Kottayam, Ph: 0481 2302707.
Kerala School health programme ,a concept that originally materialized in the mind of Dr. S . Gopikumar, is now being implemented as a government approved project through out the state . Even though the programme is being well appreciated and remarkable achievements obtained in many districts, the acceptance of the project among the scientific field is far from reach . The feed back received from the concerned team of each district were elusive of scientific data and uniformity . So in order to obtain a uniformity in each and every stage of the implementation of this programme a team of doctors were selected by the Director of Homoeopathy . The team of medical officers worked relentlessly to bring about necessary changes , alterations , inclusions and exclusions in the questionnaire and planning of activities after consultation with psychologist and statistician. So that the project can be carried out uniformly through out the state and obtain scientific and statistical data which can be proudly presented to the scientific world. After receiving several suggestions “ Jyothirgamaya” was unanimously approved and hence forth the school health programme of department of Homoeopathy shall be known as “ Joythirgamaya” . An emblem and slogan were also suggested. The slogan is “ബഹുജനഹിതായ ബഹുജനസുഖായ ” which means “COMFORT TO THE MILLIONS AND HAPPINESS TO THE MULTITUDES” 
From 2014 - 2015 onwards Joythirgamaya and Sadagamaya is a comprehensive approach aimed at uplifting the inherited intellectual, emotional, social and reproductive health of each adolescent seeking solace in the programme at Government and aided schools of Kerala. 
"Sadagamaya" Project gaining PopularitySadgamaya is the state-wide project aimed at adolescent healthcare & behavior management through Homoeopathy. Sathgamaya was officially inaugurated on 9th November 2012 as a pilot project in Thrissur, following the success of ‘Jyotirgamaya’ – School Health Pogramme of the Department of Homoeopathy, it was implemented in all districts. The ‘Sadgamaya’ project was scaled up to two more districts (Pathanamthitta & Idukki) in 2013. It is now being to implement in all districts with a view to carving out a creative youth equipped to meet adversities of modern life and the target group aging between 5 years to 19 years. 
Focus areas include Learning Disability, ADHD,Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Autism Sibling rivalry, Anxiety disorders, Conduct disorders, Kleptomania, Depression, Paediatric Somatoform Disorders,Substance abuse, Sexual abuse etc. The services render by this project includes Behavioral disorder management, Learning disability assessment Sex education Vocation guidance & counselling., Paediatric disorders (congenital & acquired) – diagnosis & management. 
The proposed activities at district level - (Referral Center) includes: 
1. Re-Orientation Training Programmes for doctors 
2. Public Awareness Programmes in schools & among self help groups. 
3. Screening Medical Camps to identify adolescents in need of intervention. 
4. Case taking, psychometric analysis & detailed evaluation according to need of the case 
5. Integrated management with medicine, counselling & special education. 
6. Research, documentation & collateral linking with similar programmes. 
7. Coordinate/ help the activities of peripheral units. and report to DMO

Human Resource & responsibilities at dispensary level /Referral Center 
1. Medical Officer 
a) Conducting awareness classes & screening camps in school, among NGO’s , other institutions such as Anganwadi’s, etc. in the concerned panchayath /Municipalities/Corporation 
b) A brief format is given in the Annexure to filter problems cases of suspected nature 
b) Case taking, provisional diagnosis, prescription and follow up is to be done at dispensaries 
e) Refer the cases to referral center if the concerned doctor is not able to manage with the available resources. 
f) Monthly reporting of the activities

2. Consultant Psychiatrist at referral center: to get the expert opinion , final diagnosis and evaluation of the case 
3. Clinical Psychologists referral center helps to do Psychometry, Counseling to client, Guidance to parents 
4. Special Education Teacher at referral center: Learning assessment, Special teaching aid, Follow up evaluation