Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Infertility treatment success stories at Govt. Homoeopathic Hospital Kurichy

Seethalayam project at Kottayam gets appreciationThe family meet of children born to parents after successful homoeopathic infertility treatment at Govt.Homeopathic Hospital Kurichy was inaugurated by Pallam block panchayath President Sri T.T Sasheendranath. President of the Grama Panchayath Rajagopalan presided the function. Dr Sreelatha, DMO Kottayam spoke on the occasion.Dr. Joby , conducted a seminar on infertility at the venue. The stars of the events were newly born babies in the age group of one month to two and half years.
The infertility treatment under the department of homeopathy has its unit at Kurichy Homoeopathic hospital. The infertility clinic is now clubbed with the seethalayam project run by Department of Homeopathy Kerala. There has been a great success in infertility treatment at Homeopathic Hospital Kurichy in the last few years. There has been 16 successful cases with birth these months. 14 cases are presently in various months of pregnancy. The importance of these successful cases is that most of them was treated by various other medical systems for many years without success.
BoardHomeopathy has given new light to these deserted couples and that too in a short span of time.. This project has been in the limelight since its success story of homeopathic treatment from Kannur Govt homeopathic hospital. Now this infertility treatment is in every govt. homoeopathic Hospital of the state. 
Homeopathic treatment at various centers under homeopathic department of Kerala has produced more that 300 success stories. Many cases have been successful where IUI and IVF had failed before. The treatment for infertilty at Kurichy Hospitals was taken mostly by couples above age of 35. It had started a a single day OP at the hospital in 2013, but now has OP on every tuesday, thursday and Saturday. The services and medicines are free of cost at these government run hospitals.

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